Tuesday, April 14, 2009

< Happy Birthday, B >

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Today's the most precious day ever!!B..it was your birthday!!
:hippie:well actly,i'd been countin on days a month ago so that this day will come sooner..n here it is..~i did have some thoughts to sing him a birthday song:nyanyi:[wlpn saye tau+seda yg suare saye sbnarnye tak sedap]haha..n i wanted to bake a cake/maybe some cupcakes for him:buatkek:but unfortunately..those are just a dreams.since both of us had been very busy with our own stuffs,tak dptla saye nk bwat sume tuh. n seriously,saye sgt dissapointed.i just can only wish him with some simple-thoughts n wishes jek..~wish i was there to celebrate this prosperous day with him..~

whatever it is..i would like to wish h.i.m..HAPPY BIRTHDAY,B..~May all your wishes come true..Aminn~

x O x O

~ LOVE my life, HATE my work ~

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i don't even have times to update my blog eventgh it seems like EVERYDAY i'm on the net:thumbsdown:well nothin much to say..hee..i LOVE my life, BUT i hate my WORKLOADS![damn..~]whoever thinks that my job is interestin+fun..duhh..~it is NOT!!! these n thats..damn..i hate it!! but probably,saye da mcm agak immune ngan sume tuh..so saye teruskan jek..[LAYAN!] wlpn dlm hati saye.. TAK SUKE ok???

btw, since lately i was very busy with my kitchen class and so on..harusla saye asyik makan jek kn??haha.sket-sket makan..what to do..~
:makan:n suddenly i felt that i'd just put on weight.Yikes!!
this shouldn't happened.n some of my friends said that i'd been infected by this workaholic-virus which people tend to eat while having a crucial depression-emote.
wujud ke menatang itew??well..like we always said..'A.A.K'..

but apparently,i love my life right
now..having my families..fwens..n my new-born niece:thumbsup:yahh..my new-born niece..she's SO cute!!harusla saye sgt teruje bile everytime i went back..saye akan jadik sgt excited nk jage si kenit itew.hahaha

x O x O