Monday, July 01, 2013

My Dream Guy..

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Things to share.again.   
and again.

i started to browsed this cute guy's youtube page and found out that he's actually an Egyptian.awww.. are so cute! Even without a hair..hee..anyway..what's so interesting about this guy??here are the listings of 10things i love about him...

#1- he's cute! he's bald.but still looks cute thou..Walaupon sedikit pendek.hee
#2- i love his accent! Focus sket kat his American accent.i bet some of us must be surprised to found out that he's an Egyptian.not american. And me included dikalangan 'some of us' iteww..hee
#3-he looks like Justin Timberlake.tak pecaye..cube highlight sket at his face features especially tang hidong and eyebrows..sangat sebijik..
#4-he's so talented. Bole tengok those vlogs yang die dah bwat.those parodies and documentaries blabla.the dancing and singing part actually..ahaks! Lawookk lawokk..
#5-he's a Muslim.Islam to be precised.the good part about him is that..walaupon he lives in America..but still die tak malu nak confessed to the others about his religion.and he loves to share some thoughts about Islam with the Americans..
#6-funneyhh.. Uh huh..he's to make jokes especially with his Arabs friends.confirm gelak kalau tengok vlog Kiss You parody.haii la pak arab ni..
#7-he's good at drawings.adore his touch on one of his vlog.just google for u will agree with me
#8-virgin??can it count?haha.erm jangan ingat lelaki jek nak pompuan yang virgin..
#9-educated.aww this is one of my fave.yeah i found him as a mr.braniac.cos he knows what actually happened around U name it..hee
#10-romantic.or maybe saye bole described him as an all-time-romantic guy..i think so.cos he used to lowered his voice and bwat muke chomel.saye pasti die seorang yang romantic.tak pcaye..bole tengok and you will notice on most of his vlogs..

Vlog 1 - interview with the new yorkers..

Vlog 2 - he confessed that he's actually a Muslim..

What do u think ?