Sunday, December 27, 2009

:: Friends Wedding ::

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Supposingly,there should be an enrty about yesterday's trip.but it had been deleted,unintentionally..[hee]

well,yesterday was really exhausting day..i went to several wedding invitation.went to sg.petani for Amar's wedding. and Eshah[my old childhood friends]..well..sunggoh tak sangke yg she already married to Syed [our same childhood friend+classmate].if i'm not mistaken,Syed dulu was like a popular dude..n one of Eshah's close-friend is actually into Syed.but who knows,maybe da jodoh last they getting married.Alhamdulillah..
Saye sangat happy tgk drg smalam.well,at least they already got married [CONGRATS!].

hmm..another my best buddy and also my last,and sunggoh tak sangke that he already became a hubby to someone[haha] ingat lagi,dulu he kept on saying yg saye yg akan kawen dulu.but its already been fated that die yg akan kawen dulu dr saye [haha]..and the best part is..saye dapat jumpe Munie+Syira..!!

We actually never met before.can u just imagine..kitorg hanye keep in touch thru the net+phone jek for almost 9years!! and we actually known each other from the IRC[dulu kan irc yg paling famous]..i met my ex-bf [Aref] pon same ngan drg.n same goes to Amar.well skurang-kurangnye saye penah jumpe Amar.but tak penah langsung jumpe Munie,Syira,Bell,Khai,Aina etc..[uhuk] maybe da dtakdirkan yg walaupon kitorg tak penah jumpe,tapi we keep on keep in touch almost for 9years..thats what we called as BFF kan?hee
well..happy sesangat dapat jumpe Munie and Syira..thanks to both of u for coming! Yayy!! After all,happy sesangat smalam walaupon penat..~
Amar and his wife..[CONGRATS]

Eshah and her hubby,Syed..[love u both!]

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

[ Exhausted ]

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saye sangat penat skarang..balik jek keje tadik, trus rushing balik rumah.pack all my stuffs, settle my laundries and off to kL..
goshh..all the way from Nilai tsangat la jam..bengang jek rase felt a bit relief sbb da smpai kat my sis's crib.well..tomorrow have to wake up early cos nak gerak blk penang..
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

♥ Weekend Best-est Trip ♥

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Sunggoh bosan nak keje since yesterday.i think it is because am still in the mood of having a GREAT break on last weekend.well about last weekend..saye,Liza and Kedut off to JB.its all because Peq Shy's gile the journey!am so damn excited esp bile tau that i'm goin to meet my B on that night..[yiiha]..
we arrived at 10.50pm kat Pasir Gudang and terus heading to Selesa Hotel, where my soulmate had been waitin for us..Damn..knapela saye n Peq Liza tak dapat nak join tido kat hotel tuh skali..[sedehh] the hotel was biase jek..tapi mcm cool gile cos there are swimming pool,gym etc..SHIT!! me n Senah struggling to had this plan of comin to the hotel next morning so that dpt swimming before pegi kenduri Peq Shy at Skudai..haha..

But sadly said that..tak jadi pon sbb early in the morning 3of us still tbongkang because exhausted gile!!mane tak nye..reached JB trus g karoks until 3am..haha..after all..we do have so much FUN which is best sesangat..the best part is..dapat gi Danga Bay..visit Peq Mazie's at Pontian,attending Peq Shy's wedding, karoks blabla..

best sesangat!! do really hope that we'll have our next trip nanti..
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[ Dec 11th ]

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well..its been a few days after Dec 11th..duhh [sighed]

i am 26!!gosh..never thought that i would becoming 26..this is scary..~it is!! just realized that there are so many things happened in this 26years.yahh..i mean..A LOTs!i had been thru with so many happiness+sadness thingy..~

i lost my beloved granny last year..found my true love..had cheeky n troublesome niece..n perhaps..having such a cool n lovely family ever!! so thankful for all those gifts..

Dec 11th..
well..almost everyday i had these kind of deja vu..where the same things keep on happening to me..i dont even know what it means..and seriously..its freaked me off!! have u ever felt this kind of freaky-feeling when everyday..u were in front of your lappy, and just with a suddenly become speechless+stammering as the lappy-clock shows..11:12am/pm..

uh' was scary!!thats not the 1st time i'd been thru it..its like..EVERYDAY!! even if i'd been looking at my Guess wristwatch..there's a time where i started to had this 'adrenaline-rush syndrome' when i saw that it was 11:12am/pm.. Seriously..i had these Deja vu everyday..and when i just found out that Dec 11th is just around the corner..i started to get nervous.wondering what will happened before/after Dec 11th..i was like traumatic!huu..

ok..when it was Dec 11th..maybe its a good thing that happened..i had this unexpected surprises from Daniel..he was here in Nilai which i was like a crazy women..and thought it was just a dream!n it was NOT!! he was my unexpected birthday so happy!! Dec 11th until Dec 13th..i had these so unforgettable moments.i was so happy..~with him around..with all the wishes,doa's and loves..yet i felt that i'd been completed by the age of 26 [alhamdulillah]

And that 'adrenaline-rush syndrome'..had just gone!syukur..~its a good sign i guess..
but i dont know..~Dec 14th had just passed..and here it comes..Dec 15th..~where i sensed there's an uninvited feelings in myself..~[uhukk]
i had a very terrible fight with my love ones..YES..a terrible ones!which i never thought i will spilled those 'nasty' words..and i'd just realized that it was not ME..~huu..
everythin started to screwed up when i just heard that he wanted to end-up everything!!god..what is really happening..=|

i dont have that guts to hold on..~i just cant believed that it was happening NOW..i lost everything..~huu..he just ended up the call..leaving me speechless..~and perhaps,i started to get crazy..~i messed with the things around me..~started to do crazy things until i realized that i had these few 'scratches'..i am dying..~

and just a while..the 'adrenaline-rush syndrome' started to distract me.i had that syndrome again.and yet,i guess..this is the one.the sign of tried to be still trying..~but thank god,things are gettin ok now..but just OK..~both of us are crazy..we are!!
n for our sake..we are trying very hard now to fix everything that had been messed![insyaAllah] i wanted to rid that 'syndrome' and that deja vu-freaky feelings from my life now..

i will..~

hopefully..things are getting better tomorrow..~its a hope..
my hope..~

-the end-

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Monday, November 09, 2009

[ Current Situation ]

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its been an ages saye tak update this new entry etc..[gosh].. i'd been so fuckin busy with my stuffs n so on. in fact, lately i'd been into those hardest times that i would never thought will happen. sucha relief when all the sudden-rough-times had gone!! yippie it my new day ever..

probably there's so many things that i've left behind.but yet, saye rase kalo i put on this entry..alamat nye tak siap la keje saye [haha].. my current situation now is gettin family,my soul-relationship,current job blabla..everythin's OK. ok??haha..well..this week will be a bit busy i new sem will be started next week. n harusla this week will be the registration week. erm,my timetable tak dapat lg.but ape yang saye tau..this sem saye akan ngaja Applied Food n Hospitality Industrial Training. thank gawd Food Cost tak offer this sem.kalo tak..lagila saye srabot.huhu..

btw..i still had these difficulties to finalized those Noss Matrix for the commis students.uhukk..anyone!!HELP ME!!
bcos of that..saye srabot jek rase kpale nih..huu..i need some one to assist me over this..~


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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

^ Funny Face ^

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haha..this is a new song from it!!those come-back songs are obviously cool!!this 'funny face' kinda cheeky but yet still hope that my love one will sing me this song.. =)

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[ Holiday+Happy Mode ]

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i'd been counting on the week balik penang [yahoo!]..wanted to bake some cookies..meeting ol'friends..kemas rumah..[fuhh] saye sangat excited skarang.excited sbb nak raye..excited sbb nak balik hometown..excited sbb nak spend time ngan families..excited sbb nak cuti lame..[YAHOO!!]..

well..arini saye mmg b'habisan struggle bwat blk MQA yg saye da bwat sume sbb my trigger laptop..[uhuk]..but its ok..saye da bjaye bwat balik another 5 subjects..go jiyna!!
ok..currently saye sangat busy call my friends tuk re-confirm back my order..well..biskut raye la..ape lagik kan..[hehe] next mission shop and grab my GUESS handbag!![yiihaa]

thanks to B sbb support half of the price [yahoo] so happy now..~
hopefully after sale skrg..takde la exceed sampai rm300..sbb takot tlebeh budget..


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Monday, August 31, 2009

* Crazy Cuzzy *

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Haha...i will laughed out loud when i saw this video..hahaha..crazy cuzzy!!!

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[ Bad Day ]

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uhukk..suddenly i had a fever again..its all started yesterday.rase laen macam jek..n yes..saye demam arini..but whatever it is..saye sangat happy sebab saye dapat makan all those nyummy foods.:makan:ok..i havto do a lot of things.saye kene basuh baju..pack all my stuffs sbbnye karang saye da nak blk nye.bole tak if saye tak balik?i wanted to get an bile pk jek last week saye dapat MC.huu..what a life!!!okay..those pics below was taken during the 2 event at my college last week..

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

[ Sss501 vs Big Bang?? ]

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i started to listen to SSS5o1 songs!they were great..but it doesn't mean saye da tak suke BIG BANG..they still my number 1..ahaks..!
now i realize..knape la sume korean guys tomei-tomei cam BIG BANG+SSS501 yeh??hee..or does it mean saye ni yg smemang nye adore chinese-looked guys??ahaks!!

{ Come-Back }

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its been a VERY long hush ever [i guess]..ever since my pc bwat entries sume had been blocked. n now i started to drop a new entry back [yahoo!]..:vacation1:i'm in penang right now..gawdd..HOME SWEET HOME..saye sgt excited nak balik to my hometown as i'd been missing my family+crib so damn much.
btw..since a few months ago..lots of things happened..goods and bads.. but one thing yg best..saye jumpe sgt sbb kbetulan saye kene teman him for his convocation..sweet time!!sebabnye..kitorg dapat spend time ssame..

n latest things that happened..saye baru jek pegi interview kat putrajaya for PPPT [DH41] post.tak tau la dapat ke tak..if dapat..rezeki la gamaknye..[aminn]doakan supaye saye dapat k?tapi saye tak mharap sgt.hee..

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[ Hectic-Me ]

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its been a very long time saye tak drop by for a new entry.well..lots of things happened.BAD vs GOOD.. tapi saye rase bad things lagik banyak dr GOOD things..

hmm.. my intern-studs bwat hal la..B bwat so happy to get a good news that saye dapat a new job offer.n no one knws about it sbb saye tak cite kat sesape pon lagik.hahaha

well..dunno whether to accept it or not.sebabnye..saye rase mcm tempat tuh tak best plak..n good thing happened,pagi tadi when i was in my office..i received a call from TAYLOR's COLLEGE!!yahoo..!!

am goin for an interview this coming 6th.n i was so excited..~hopefully ok bcos if i succeed..saye akan acpt the offer..cos Taylor's is a good place to expand my working skills n experience..

AMINN..doakan supaye saye dapat the job offer k?n i'm goin to tell my family n my closest-buds regarding this...lalalala~


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

( FunTime )

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Yayy..i'd just came back home yesterday morning..n it was fun when u have few days to be spent with your lovely family..which,that's what i felt now..[AM SO HAPPY]

but hell yeah..bad things do niece was not feeling very well as she seems to have a fever.n so do i!! i started to had this 'virus' n my noise started to itch [damn!]

yet i'd just found out that babah nowadays keep on chewing MENTOS all the times which could definitely soothes his breath.. hmm..sounds good then..
nak try la..hehe

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Friday, July 03, 2009

[ Balik Kampong ]

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today i'm goin back to PENANG!!:vacation1:saye sangat rindu my home sweet home..n saye sangat rindu kat family saye..[babah n mimin] n saye sangat rindu PENANG!!yayy..after keje ni saye akan trus packin barang n headin to my sis house.sebab nye..i'm goin back with her+her hubby+ d comel-est baby HANAN..yayyy!!

saye sangat tak saba nak balik..saye sangat la EXCITED!!saye nk hugs+kisses my babah n!!owh..i am so happy..lalalala~:thumbsup:cepatla pukol 5..saye nak balik ni.haha..
i did plan a few things yg saye nak bwat if saye balik penang..meetin ol'frens..jenjalan..makan-makan kat my fave.places..


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

۞ S.P.A.C.E ۞

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Its been a few days both of 'dissapeared'..its all because of d 'space' that we wanted![huu]..n i hardly tried to control myself so that saye tak call or even msg him.i don't want to doubled up d prob..n hopefully it will gettin better sooner.sebab saye da penat when d same thing keep on happenin again and AGAIN..[duhh~]

n last night..he called me..n he did sent me those msgs..[at last!] well..saye sendirik tak tau knape saye belom ready nak cakap ngan die..maybe i'm d one that need the 'SPACE'..yes,i am..he said i'm the one that tried to walk away.YES I DID..but with a reason..i juz don't want thing to get even more worst..n hopefully he will understand..

OK..thats all for today's entry...:thumbsup:CARPE' DIEM!!!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

۞ Sushi Treats ۞

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:makan:yesterday..i juz had a GRR-eatt sushi treats sedapnye!!..loves inari..sashimi..temaki..temago..n yes..TAKO's!!!!!!!!sedapnye!!:thumbsup:
n the best part is..saye makan bagai nak gile [haha] n d next sushi treats will be at Sushi King's!![yahoo] harusla dapat gaji nanti, 3 of us will head to have our-BEST-SUSHI-TREATS ever!!

yayy!!saye sangat happy sbb skarang saye da bole skype n ym with my beloved mom!n now..i'm on the net with my mom..!!love itt..~
n TO MAMA: if u read's a msg for u-->taip cepat-cepat sket!!penat tunggu tao..:laptop:haha

x O x O

[ It's NOT me..It's YOU ]

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Love this song so much!!! Currently i've been listenin to Utada's and Lily Allen's collections which is so DAMN cool! haha..

Lily ROCKS!!!

p/s: do love the song very much..but won't devoted to 'anyone' out'ther..ehh..i do..H.I.M =)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking of H.I.M

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:call:Whee..~ i juz talk to B just now.happy sesangat bcos since a few months ago..die tak penah pon called me mase die kat skolah..n juz now..he juz DID!!yiihaa..

i'd been missing him so much lately.i really do..da lame tak jumpe die..guess it has been 3months++ kitorg tak jumpe..n yes..i MISSED HIM SO MUCH!!

p/s: Dunno why..but suddenly saye t'pk that..i only have my family n B in my life..[uhukk]

x O x O

( Apologies ++ )

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i'd been very busy commis students will be suddenly send for their internship due to 'somethin'..urghh!!saye sangat serabot..n felt pity for my students.supposely..tak patot pon jadik camni..huu..n about the training that i've attend ms last was so FUN!hehe.. was very informative..but then i do realized that 'we' do make mistakes..everything need to changed!adehh..spatotnye..all the course of study..job profile..duty task etc kene bwat dulu before we starts with the commis.tapi ni takk..[uhukk]..

Guess it wasn't my fault..n again..i felt pity for my students..n hopefully saye dapat 'tolong' fix balik things that isn't UN-fix!!i will..~bcos thats was my responsibility..n hopefully jgak..'orang-orang' tuh seda that they already make a mistakes n will try to fix it back so that the students won't suffer..

ok..i'm done with this entry..

x O x O

Friday, June 19, 2009

[ Master Application ]

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Erm..ever since yesterday..saye sgt sebok carik a few courses to pursue my i already decide my going to take MASTER.n rase nye yesterday saye da survey few courses that will be in my list..n the only Uni's yg offer the courses are UITM and UPM.tapi saye going to choose UPM.sebabnye..B said UPM already been recognized as one of the RESEARCH UNI..:bee: n yg penting..course yg saye nak had been offered kat,saye mcm pening sket nak pilih d course..hehe.

1) Msc. in Food Science?
2) Msc. in Food Management?
3) Msc. Food Technology..?

n mode of study for those courses is not by coursework..uhukk..alamatnye,i need to come out with few independent thesis la nanti..huu..Well..i guess i need to refer to someone else yg lagik experienced about this.and i'm goin to discuss with my B n my family..Doakan saye supaye saye dapat pursue with my MASTER ok??hehe..
n i havto be alert sebabnye the deadline of the application process is 29th Sept..and if i succeed,maybe saye akan masok on the 2nd sem..which is in December:thumbsup:

by the way,B da pon anta his Master application.n he was goin to pursue at UTM,Skudai in Psychology apetah..hehe..[B,pandai ke nak saiko org pasni?]well..we already decide that we'll pursue our study before we're headin to the 'NEXT' step..hehe..

x O x O

{ Happy Mode }

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:walkturtle:Yahoo!! entries will be more about ma'famille.Hehe..bcos currently i did spent most of my times with my new-born niece+my nye!!its all started from my sis's sis's 1st Anniversary etc..apparently,last night i went to my sis's crib due to 'somethin' that scares me to death..[huu..saye sgt cuaks!]but thank gawd, sume da setle n hopefully mende tuh takkan jadi lagi in d future.AMINN..~

but saye sgt happy sbb dapat online with my beloved,mama n of cos..dapat jumpe my petite niece..i do brought a cake for my sis..[HAPPY BIRTHDAY,KAKLONG]..tak dapat nak celebrate with her but its ok then..maybe next time we'll celebrate with the rest of the family:hippie:

well..tomorow am will be going for a training..MLVK training n i was so excited cos after this saye akan dapat that MLVK cert..:thumbsup:2days training..and hopefully i will be fun!

x O x O

+ Cute-EST Niece +

Posted by with No comments last i'd this 'small' space to write down somethin here..
Hehe..this vid had been few weeks ago..n my niece da started to talks!:thumbsup:she's so cute!! and little hannan was so petite. bet TOK MAMA mesti jealous kalo tgk vid ni..well, d other voice is my sis, RINA..n she's gettin crazy tried to 'GUGU GAGA' with was so funny,thou.hahaha

x O x O

Monday, June 15, 2009

♫ Shoppings vs Lil.Hanan ♫

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:pinkturtle:i'm at my sis's crib at the nye takyah balik nilai..suke!!!i used to go back...tapi bcos my sis suruh temankan i am..:rockon!:sbole-bole nye saye tanak balik nilai..arghh..benciknye nk keje esok..havto wake up early pagi karang..n hopefully B dpt kejutkan sbb nye saye ni suke sgt tido mati:laughing:

well..i did snapped some pics mase shopping petang smalam..n my niece, HANAN was so cute!!chumel nye die..n die da pandai senyum+gugu gaga with people [she's talkin!]hee..n saye sgtla geram kt budak kenit tuh..

x O x O

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*Tummy-Shaking *

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:crazypanda:ouchh!!!my body..[owh,my tummy actly]ttibe mule bwat hal..saket nye perot!!n saye tau knape ttibe saket.masok angin!!i havto eat somethin..:makan:kalo tak,saye akan tsekse sbb nye..saye tak dpt nak gelak+jd hyper like before..:laughing:[ouchh!!tak bole gelak sgt..saket!]

btw,saye br dpt msg that i'd been selected for an open interview [government]..ths comin 12th..n should i go??sbb kalo tak slh was only a 6months contract.but d salary harusla t'baek kn?hee..saye tak tau whether i should go/not..
SHOULD I??i need to ask for someone's op..hehe:call:

x O x O