Sunday, June 30, 2013

Normal Life Like Others

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Fuuuhh..fuhhh bersarang bagai dah blog ni.kesiann.. Tetiba jek tergerak hati nak update something.i missed 'this' actually.teringat those past year bile sangat aktif mengupdate blog with those new entries sampaikan sehari dekat 2-3 kali publish entries [owhh rindu nye!] rase nye kalo skarang nak bwat balik macam dulu..agak-agak bole ke tak eh?i would like to give a try.hehehe..

Anyway..the latest things that ever happened to me lately is that..kolej saye baru jek lepas dapat 5s recognition from MPC.alhamdulillah..after those hard works..sacrifices..stay backs and not to forget..DEPRESSION..akhirnye bjaye jugak.erm to those yg blom go through with the process..anda akan tau btape susahnye nak implement those S-es [pronounced it ala2 'asses'] hahaha..
Tapi actually bile dah implement..saye rase sangatla practical and manageable.the surrounding lebih kondusif..selesa blabla..rase nye kalo nak implement kat rumah..agak jenuh jugakla.tapi those yang sangat rajen..bole la cube..ahaks! Ok that's the latest thing that happened lately.

And to reward myself..smalam pegi GSC with my friends and students ngadap Monster! 👍👍 two thumbs up man.. Walaupon kawan ye kate Mike Wazowski tu macam saye..but who cares! He's cute kottt.. Ahaks..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Felt The Angel's Cry

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Thank you Mariah for this inspirational song.thought so.. it suddenly reminds me of someone that used to be a part of me..
Huu..pathetic me..