Thursday, January 29, 2009

♥ Live My Life ♥

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Yayy!! Things tend to be MUCH better so hepy!:Dobviously,LOTS of things to do this week..the exam paper..Commis..Hun's choral script..students carrymarks..presentation..[Duhh!!]dunno until when these will ends.. Apparently,BYK sgt mende yg kene not having a great time actually:yes:n last weekend,went to Mak Itam's..jumpe my 'chomel' cuzzy..Besh!! so i think nnti we'll have a family plan/maybe a vacation soon bile mama da balik..Picnic..stay @Mak Itam's resort..short gatherin..Best nye!![how i missed d good ol'days]:wink: Heh..prev entry..i did mention that am was so hepy to meet my soulmate.but unfortunately..:(since both of us are busy with our damn-stuffs..taktau bile lagik dpt jumpe my bunny..[i miss u..~] ye..saye tau that i need to be strong..which i'll try my very depressed-HARD to expelled those bad things..i will asalkan my soulmate do support me..:mwahh:YEAH!!!

Eheh..this pic i snapped ms i was @ my Lolong's. d reason why i took dis pic is bcos saye ttibe truje ngan menatang kaler light brown tuh!bcos saye tak penah pon tgk b4 dis.itsa bug!![maybe]nampaknye,mnatangs yg peliks-peliks da smakin brani mnonjol smenjak saye pgi umah my sis.well,harusla kan..da name pon umah dekat ngan ZOO:D

Both are my cuzzies!tapi yg baby tuh..juzza new-born baby..saye tak igt his name..maybe ASFA DANIEL..[hee..Daniel??] n yg bwh tu is my another cuzzy..die lately agak gile sket[saye tak tau knape]tapi yg pasti,skrg die da pndai jadi abusive..esp towards animals![he's actly nmpak baek jek holdin that hamster.tapi sbnarnye tuh lakonan smate-mate]:haha:

Nyummy!!well..this noodle is actly my student,Ziah yg bwat kan for my lunch on last Monday:Dsedap jgaklaa..~yg pasti..ade prawn.slurrpp..~

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Friday, January 23, 2009

[- Fairy Tales Theatre -]

Posted by with No comments's entry is about the Fairy Tales Theatre that had been organized by us..[the lecturers la]:wink: okay..i'd just done with those so-called posters.agak pening jgak nak bwat bendalah ni cos da lame tak gune adobe photoshop result was a bit BUROK+HAMPEH la jgak:Dgasakla..just nak cukop kan syarat jek actly so that all the students aware about this event.. btw..i just spotted few pelik-tapi-benar behaviours from these students[hahaha]well..knew that this event was really exciting!tapi kan..yg pelik nye..all of the students SGT b'semangat ok with these fairies-thingy:geram:[everyday tu..bwat meeting] d pelik things is..b4 this..kalo about their study etc..takde la plak mcmni kan.siap rajen ponteng class bagai.tapi kalo bab ni..kemain lagik bebdk tuh.but seriously..tak penahla tgk drg semangat tak hengat camni..~[hmm..nmpak gaye nye,tpaksela this college add another 1 course in art+performance]tapi yg pasti..harusla sume students akan tuka their course to this new course kan??:yes:SENGAL!!awas nko students..pas abes this fairy-thingy..kalo korang lembabs-lembabs+malas-malas lagi..harusla kene bambu ngan kitorg!!!!:cool:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

* * Prev-Notes **

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just got time to jot somethin down here.since few days ago..lots of things happened.theres a good n bad things..
:pelik:lemme start with d good things first..[eheh] first..i went for a camp dekat an area in N9.went to few waterfalls..[SGT best!]well seriously,eventho da duduk kat N9 almost a theres a few cerok in N9.. saye tak penah pon pegi:Pits not bcos i don't hava car..[ade baby bug]ermm..mayb its bcos of time.sebabnye..almost my time i did spent it kat my college.then sometimes every weekend..[ehh..bkn sometimes,most of d time!] saye akan melenyapkan diri dari Nilai n went to somewhere else:D

afterall..bile join my college trip last week..dapat jgakla spot a few places yg cambest!so..dgn harapan..nextime dpt bwk my family+ehem pegi tmpat-tmpat t'sebot[lalala]i did snapped a few pics kat those waterfalls n d camp itself[the camp was-CAMP PUSAKO]n one of the comander kat camp tuh ckp..we're d first batch yg join the camp this year:wink: btw.. the camp was really FUN.the fun part is that..if prev mase blaja dulu i'm one of the campers..but this a facilitator of my students[name jek kene jgak stay kat tent.HAMPEHS]well..yes..kitorg yg jadik fasi ni tak dapat nak stay kat the Guest House [ade aircond lagik tu!]sebabnye..
:geram:lelaki 'itew' nye pasal!!!!AWAS NKAO..~harusla lpas ni saye akan boikot that guy kan..[huu]

walaupon tak dpt stay kat Guest House tu..but still am was SO damn happy.sebab it looks like all the students do really havin fun kat sane:pandacloud_01:okay..2nd good thing that happened is that..say akan conduct my students utk their Fairy Tales Theatre:Dsaye sgt suke sebabnye saye sndrik TERUJE ngan all those fairy tales..~n hopefully..the task that already been assigned to them..derang akan bwat the BEST![yeah!]

the 3rd good thing is that..i'm goin to meet my darl!!:malu:missed that guy SO much!! goes the saddest part..i mean..the bad things..~i missed my family..especially my lil.sis..tapi rase nye..this comin cuti..saye tak dapat blk!!!:(then..i'd to handle those Commis students..n by this month...i need to conduct the Commis class[uhukk..saye akan jadik lagi busy+exhausted all the time]..then..i had this slightly misinterpretation with my love ones..:nanges:n seriously..its gettin worst![huu..]tapi rase nye..ever since last Monday..we're gettin better.
well..maybe salah saye jgak sebab tak paham His condition.or should i say..His workin condition..

hehh..anyway..thanks to 'those' pples.sebab always make me happy walaupon derang sendirik agak busy with their own thingies..[sayang u'olls!!!]

well..for the next entry..saye akan paste those pics:wink:unfortunately,tak dapat nak paste skarang sebabnye..saye kene bwat poster for the fairy-tales Day![hahaha]

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Friday, January 09, 2009

..+ CRAZY Makeups +..

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Okay..Yes,i was in a good mood of MAKE-UPS n my lec-mates [Rina] did some crazy thing.conteng-conteng muke+using my new eyeshadows:thumbsup:but was really fun.our makeup stuffs were EVERYWHERE [nmpak sgt tak profesional kn?]ahaks!our students pon ade yg join..yg pasti..harusla bebudak tuh akan pk yg kitorg ni adelah LECTURER YG PALING GILE skalik kan? it goes.actly mmg da lame da kitorg plannin to have this makeup-makeup thing [since last Monday lagik] but then lasnite,ttibe
saye trase mcm nk conteng-conteng muke[haha]ape lagik,Rina dgn bsemangat nye grabbed all her makeups n ape lagik..mulela our CONTENGS session.saye rase SGT klaka smalam..mmg it was crazy..~:pusing: i think it was my 3rd times pple makeup kn muke saye cos previously..saye makeup sndirik jek[eheh]hmm..d result..was NOT that bad actly.yg students ckp lpas ni saye bole apply keje kat MAS/AIR ASIA ok??[duhhh :thumbsdown:]
Okay..but then we did have this so called PhotoShoot session:camera:Agak poyo jek masing-masing.ahaks!Yg pasti..the background harusla my maroon curtain kan which they kept on sayin mcm dekat kedai gamba ala-ala amik gamba i/c gitu.Hahaha..~Gamba i/c pon gamba i/c la..yg pasti..lepasni sume gamba-gamba tuh saye+etc akan lupuskan.yeahh!!! was a nitemare kalo tgk those pics again cos we looked exactly like a DRAG QUEEN!ahaks!!abesla kalo LYA/JASON/other artist tgk those..harusla d komen-komen abes-abesan.Hahaha..~

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


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Yeah!!this week i was in a MAKEUP-MODE:lipstik: [ahaks!]

its all happened when i juz got a new makeup stuffs..[hee.suke ssgt!] it was from BEAUTILICIOUS!but seriously..i love those makeup stuffs..the eyeshadows pallete was really the shimmerin+glitterin colours..urgghh..not to mention about the casing itself.saye sgt truje wit the casing sbb TERsgtla cute!very juz pulled me off
:thumbsup: btw..thanks to LYA[my new fren] for her advices n supports on this makeup-thingy[babe..u REALLY cool]ahaks!she do really has this passion on makeups..n her do's was tremendously amazing!do adore her make-ups..[u ROX babe..:rockon!:]

ok..i did some sort of trial..using this new eyeshadows.but not really good enuf on blending the colours.hmm..:thumbsdown: ow okay..definitely i need LYA or mayb my other buds to help me with this crucial-syndrome so that my smokey eyes akan meletops![hahaha]
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