Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[ Crazy WorkLoads ]

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it's been a LONG-LONG time saye tak drop by for a new entry..n now,here it goes:mwahh:lots of things happened lately [seriously!]good..n bad..hee.well..~last week i tend to spent my whole fucking-days in Kelantan.urghh..~seriously, i had no desire to follow those 2 marketing staffs tp d sbbkan tpakse..harusla pegi jgak..~duhh
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

♥ Movie Night-Out ♥

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Huhh..d sbbkan oleh those work burdens yg saye rs BODOH..:sheep:i did this crazy thing..[well.takdela crazy pon]eventhough saye penat keje..tp 'that' nite i decided to went out for a movie kt ALAMANDA..:sheep:hahaha..~went out with my office-mates n my students..yeah!!at last saye b'jaye jgak tgk STREET FIGHTERS!!love it a LOTs:sheep:

p/s: Aida wasn't in d pics..sbb nye die da balik.hee
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♣ Hated 'IT' !! ♣

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Ermm..suddenly i had this freakin-feeling inside..[it doesn't sounds good at all]i dunno..but what i knw is that..i'm in PUZZLED!:(obviously..i hate this feeling!!i REALLY AM..~tons of works..missing home..missing my family..missing my love ones..crucial feeling towards d management&academic department...ARGHH!!i wanted to be away from 'these'[shit!!]

okay..i'd been counting on the days so that i'll be away from this college-thingy SOON..:nanges:[pray for me eh?]seriously,its been a year saye da bkhidmat kat that college ni..n still LOTS of things saye tak brape satisfied.in terms of the work-loads..payment..n one thing..d management itself..no wonder la why my students kept on complaining blabla..:pelik:

i absolutely had no intention to had these 'wormy-feelings'..tp since i'd been pushed to do this n thats..harusla saye rase PRESSURE..[ma..i need u:mati:] yesterday i do talked to my mom about this.n harusla saye mengadu kat die.she did comforts me a LOTS..n bile saye cite EVERYTHING at her..she's quite surprised.n one thing for sure..she asked me to be patient..its juzza work burden n she bet i can handled it very well.i am!YES i did!!tapi deep down inside..i'm not happy with myself..with d whole thing..

its juz that..i'm EXHAUSTED!devastated maybe..~:nanges: i don't even have time for my family..n of cos between work n family..derang lagik PENTING rather than anything else.tp what can i do..~still,i have to do this..n that..[urghh..silly me!]okay..this coming 20th-24th, i have to join the 2 marketing staffs to Kelantan for d roadshow [what d heck??!!]y suddenly saye kene pgi??sy tak involved lgsg dlm marketing ni OKAY??i'mma LECTURER..n what d DAMN HECK saye kene pegi???:what:

seriously,this time i can't go with them..i had things to do.things that's really important for me n my family.n one more thing..on 20th mama will be here..:(n if u r in my situation..which one u'll choose??..~n i'd made up my mind..i choosed my LOVE ONES..~saye tak kesah what will happen n what will they say..all this while, i wanted to pamper myself..i need some space [at least] for my family..~n bcos of this had-no-time-thingy..saye asyk bgado with my love ones:nanges:

dahla bwt marketing pon takde pape commission..F.O.C!!everything yg saye bwat skarang saye tak dpt pape pon..its not that saye bkire..tapi please..try to understand me n d other staffs..da name pon keje.harusla sbb nk cari duet![BENGONGS!]they asked me to handled 3 subjects for DIP's,monitor d kitchen..in charged of MLVK-Commis..tp ape yg saye dpt??lgsg tak dpt extra allowances..:(tak b'baloi lgsg!


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