Friday, April 29, 2011


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why do i have to be around FAKE PEOPLE?? physically..yes..they look like a good+naive+humble..but don't get yourself PUNK'D [haha..tetibe tingat that hottie-Ashton Kutcher]..they are all LIARS!! n yes..back-stabber's too..~ seriously, i don't believe that i'll be surrounded with this type of human-thingy..tapi bile da jadi depan mate..n obviously, i saw their every single moves, people won't expect that they actually tell lies..

I had to be very careful with this kind of people.should be mature enough to face all kind of rough situations.n yang penting skali..i'll be more professional than before.act carefully and be wiser [yeahh!!]..but anyway..tak semue orang d skeliling saye yang 'spesis' macamtu..there's a few yang i believe..they can be trusted.sekurang-kurang nye..they had been honest!!! tak macam yang laen.. F.A.K.E..

saye harap..orang-orang yang d kalangan FAKE itu..akan cepat-cepat seda+berubah before it's too late.well..they might think they are the most cunning..but remember, few eyes were actually watching them..[jage-jage u'olls] and tolong la beringat ape yang derang da bwat dekat orang laen [especially those who are close to them]..tuhan akan balas balik kat derang.AMINN!!

yang pasti..saye tau orang-orang itu memang tak bole d bwat as a FRIENDS..but they only deserves to be called as a FIENDS [haha..choii!!] 'we' might looked dumb+naive to them..but please, don't take things for granted. we can be more viscious and wicked than u ever thought..kan? kan?? did anyone agree with my statement?? [hahaha]..
anyway..all the best untuk orang-orang 'itew'..semoge kalian akan cepat dapat kesedaran.AMINN..~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pieces Of Me

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To Incek Daniel :
[ i know that we're obviously not like before..but still the feelings remain the same]

I like your smile..I like your vibe..I like your style..
(But that's not why I love you)
And I, I like the're such a star..
(But that's not why I love you)
Do you feel?? do you feel me?? do you feel what I feel too??
Do you you need me? do you need me??
You're so beautiful..
(But that's not why I love you)
I'm not sure you know, that the reason I love you.. is YOU
Being you..just you..
Yea.. the reason I love you..

Is all that we've been through..
(And that's why I love you)

I like the way you misbehave..when we get wasted..
(But that's not why I love you)
And how you keep your cool when I am complicated..
(But that's not why I love you)
Do you feel.. do you feel me? do you feel what I feel too??

Do you need.. do you need me? do you need me??
** Even though we didn't make it through..I am always here for you..


Friday, April 15, 2011

[ Might Lose My SOUL,But Will Never Lose My MATE ]

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Hujan plak tetibe pepagi ni.macam tau-tau jek yang saye tengah kesedihan..~[huu]
Sedeh jek rase tetibe bile terase macam diri ni dah tak mampu nak bwat orang laen rase being appreciated with those things that i've done.sedangkan ade plak orang laen yang mampu..[uhukk] i shouldn't felt this way. but deep down inside..all of sudden trase that he felt so damn happy not because of me..

Yela..~my 'surprise' just a typical-ordinary people ever wanted to do.there's nothing special at all [i knew] but obviously..u don't have to mention every single things what other people did and impressed u so damn much.i thought  the 'surprise' will be the one that he will never forget/even expected..tapi..[huu]..its okay..~maybe perasaan saye jek yang tahpape.being too emotional..

but believe it or not..i was so sad while we're on the phone. and i can't believe that i keep on shed a thousand of felt so sad! cos i thought i'll be the only one that will always make his day during this special day. but i was wrong.someone else did..~
its okay, Jiyna.. u have to be strong.and stop being too emotional! and the only thing is..don't ever let yourself have a small bad thoughts upon it..

p/s:Thanks to my BFF that used to be there for me.. Rina Jamal & Adi Hazmil. u both do really comforts me a lot!! love u guys so much!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Happy Birthday, Soulmate"

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Today is the day that i'd been waiting for. was his birthday!!!


I may not be around him at this while..but i do hope that my 'surprise' will surprise him [haha]..
And if Incek Daniel do read this..i had something to say..~


Since you came into my life, i've been so happy.. the fact that we're a thousand miles apart is not a matter at all because you are always in my heart. you always told me that I'm the right one for you.. i cannot tell you how good that made me feel..
 I am waiting for the days to make our dreams come true. and i'll wait for you for a lifetime if you want me to. Do you know why? Because you are the only one who sees me while I am invisible to others where no one don't. I hope you never quit seeing how much my love for you is you can feel it [i know.]..hehe.."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm BACK !!

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Hari ni..all of sudden terase nak wrote on something through this 'virtual diary'.i don't felt good at this while..mood swings i guess [haha] btw, last weekend was unforgettable.. and those unforgettable memoirs happened because saye tpakse attend one meeting at JPKK on last wednesday.i tend to meet and spent time with my beloved ex-students Jason, Eqa, Martin and Ziah..~teringat balik zaman-zaman mase mengajar bebudak sangat walaupon most of the time saye sangat STRESS with the work burden+being surrounded with those annoying people.. and biasela kan..being a lecturer/teacher sometimes we will get close with some of them..and harusla saye tak terkecuali..~[ahaks!]

Jumpe bebudak ni..trus hilang rase stress+penat.we did shared a lot of things that we'd been misses all this while..~happy gile bile tengok those students dah abes blaja and some of them da keje and ade career memasing.satisfying!! sebabnye they were so happy with their life now..[alhamdulillah]

The other best thing is that..i met my soulmate.goshh!! happy last melepas jugak semua benci rindu dendam kat si dia [hahaha]
missing both of them so much!!