Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding Cake-Hectic Day

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What a tiring day! 
Felt so damn sleepy..and seriously, walaupon tido for 6 hours..still rase tak puas [huu]  Semalam saye menempek di rumah my friends.I don't have the guts to drive off ke Johor Penang n yet i decide to stay back and overnight with Immah and Emma [my new lec-mates] we actually went back at 10.30pm..~mane taknye..kitorang work out on 3-tiers wedding cake [it was for Immah's friend] and seriously, kitorang plak yang teruja with the end result. well the cake takdela 'chanteqs' pon..eventhough it was our 1st wedding cake being made by 3 of us..tapi saye tengok..cantek jek [haha] i designed the cake and it turned up to be SO cool! but honestly, dari jaoh memang la cantek..tapi cube tengok dekat-dekat..[haha] segala yang cacats akan dapat dilihat+dikesan [hee] especially when it comes to a part where you can see some small cockroaches bugs[panggil ape ntah natang tu..kelkatu kot] t'lekat kat buttercream yang kitorang bwat.HAHAHA.. seriyes lucu gile rase..~

Well..what do u expect?last night..kitorang had been attacked with a disastrous hurricane.with thunder and lightning..and the rains itself, bukan cats and dogs da..~da macam tycoon da saye tengok!Papepon, it was such an experience to me anyway.before off to the kitchen, tengah best berFB..ttibe the our lec room blackout!then..seda-seda..hujan lebat and our office plak been flooded at a few places.saye and Emma tpakse plak alihkan a few document boxes and a few stuffs ke tempat yang selamat so that sume tu tak basah. Haiyaa!! what a day!!

but was FUN!especially when it comes to the cake's part.saye sangat terinzal teruje!!! haha..will upload the cake snaps sooner.weehhhuuu!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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This will be my 1st time ever..join contest from one of my cool blogger..eheh..~
Since her birthday will be on the upcoming month, December [weehhuu..birthday Cik Yaya same month ngan saye la!] Cik Yaya dengan baek hati nye did organised a contest to her beloved bloggers [including me!]

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HADIAH ialah 2 voucher tiket wayang
yang akan ditayangkan pada 9 Disember 2010!!

DONE with the Med-Checkup

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I'm back!!
am done with my maternity medical checkup! at last,siap jgak akhirnya..after waiting for almost 3 years weeks.orang laen sume da hantar..saye sorg jek belom.ntahapehape jek Jiyna ni.[haha] but yesterday, still a hectic day mcm the previous.i have to wait for almost an hour just to meet the doc.tapi bile jumpe doc,t'amatla skejap sangat.doc pon memaen jek tick the borang..
 The best part is, before i walked off from the room, sempat lagi saye tanye doc tuh..'doc..saye tak kene amek darah ke? asal saye tengok orang laen yang bwat medical checkup kat lua tadi, sume kene amek??saye takyah eh?' [dahla muke saye blur-blur jek time tuh]

and...guess what the doc said?? [haha]

'ehh..takpe-takpe.u tak payah.awak simpan jek darah awak tu utk this month ok.nanti kering plak darah awak hospital ambik' [doc tu cakap sambil senyum+ ter'hehe-hehe] misi kat sebelah doc tu pon tak nak-nak gelak..

saye pon kelua jela bwat bodoh but at the same time, i kept thinking what does those words means..hmm..while driving, still saye bole t'pk ape yang doc tuh cakap tadi..kesian Mimin [my youngest sis] yang kat sebelah cakap sensorang.and finally..
I GET IT !! [ape ke lembab nye aku ni]
hahaha..siot nye doc!! so i guess..d sebabkan doc tu pon doc laki kan..harusla the meaning ade unsur-unsur 'ehemm' sket.. Baekla doc..~saye tau this month saye blom 'period' lagi..n thanks sebab escape kan saye from the blood test.doc memang seorang doc yg baek! HAHA

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stoopid Nightmare!!

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Me not feeling well today. still having cold n flu. was a terrible day, i having such a GOOD BAD nightmare.damn! kenape la mimpi macam tu.ntah current soulmate been married to someone else. and the most pathetic is..he's having a child!damn..tapi biasela kan..da name pon come he can still keep on messaging me sedangkan his wife is ACTUALLY sitting on beside him.owh godd..rase cam b'dose gile curik laki org (haha)..well.. the nightmare was totally a mare!!! and i will not tell u the whole story as i will be piss-off and yet in devastation.hopefully its just a dream..

i couldn't imagine if the nightmare truly happen.ya Allah, simpang malaikat 44.and i will pray for it so that it won't happen to both of him so much.need him so much..knew i sounds so needy. but who cares??ade org tak kesah?hee..insyaallah..we both will have our own future together.and today..saye akan b'doa supaye i won't get any/another nightmare.saye rase saye lagik sanggup mimpi 'momoks' dari mimpi that relates with Incek Daniel saye..~ huu..
tadi.i message him, told him about the dream.and sunggoh jahat die..he laughed!baek jahat gile..~well..i asked him stoopid thingy asking whether he do loves me/not blabla.sounds mengade gile kan? ahh..lantak la..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya EVERYONE!

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hari ni da masok 2nd day raye aidil adha.all this while, me and my family do really enjoy this eid a lots! but the saddest part is, my mom was not here with us.huu [tak best gile rase!].. wish she was here with us, celebrating this eid. and hari ni, my grandpa craved for Nasi Daging. and harusla i'm the one that need to prepare for it.Alhamdulillah, berjaye jugak akhirnye! of cos that thingy sedap, ok?? and i was quite surprised sebab sekejap jek da nak abes.luckily i made some 'Air Asam' so that we could eat the rice with it. Slurrpp!! it was so nyummy!!

by the way, i'd been counting the days until this coming Sunday [tak best nye kene keje]..but after all, me tak kesah pon.sebabnye, i guess my friends will envy me a lots sebabnye saye cuti 4days..but the others hari ni da kene keje [ jgak bile da keje kat Kedah] hmm..anyway, i was thinking to get at least one day-off for this coming December [hehe] missed my 'apek' so damn much! and hopefully, saye dapat jumpe die during my birthday nanti. yahoo!! will try to figure out how to make it real.hmm..~