Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[ Hectic-Me ]

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its been a very long time saye tak drop by for a new entry.well..lots of things happened.BAD vs GOOD.. tapi saye rase bad things lagik banyak dr GOOD things..

hmm.. my intern-studs bwat hal la..B bwat so happy to get a good news that saye dapat a new job offer.n no one knws about it sbb saye tak cite kat sesape pon lagik.hahaha

well..dunno whether to accept it or not.sebabnye..saye rase mcm tempat tuh tak best plak..n good thing happened,pagi tadi when i was in my office..i received a call from TAYLOR's COLLEGE!!yahoo..!!

am goin for an interview this coming 6th.n i was so excited..~hopefully ok bcos if i succeed..saye akan acpt the offer..cos Taylor's is a good place to expand my working skills n experience..

AMINN..doakan supaye saye dapat the job offer k?n i'm goin to tell my family n my closest-buds regarding this...lalalala~


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

( FunTime )

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Yayy..i'd just came back home yesterday morning..n it was fun when u have few days to be spent with your lovely family..which,that's what i felt now..[AM SO HAPPY]

but hell yeah..bad things do niece was not feeling very well as she seems to have a fever.n so do i!! i started to had this 'virus' n my noise started to itch [damn!]

yet i'd just found out that babah nowadays keep on chewing MENTOS all the times which could definitely soothes his breath.. hmm..sounds good then..
nak try la..hehe

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Friday, July 03, 2009

[ Balik Kampong ]

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today i'm goin back to PENANG!!:vacation1:saye sangat rindu my home sweet home..n saye sangat rindu kat family saye..[babah n mimin] n saye sangat rindu PENANG!!yayy..after keje ni saye akan trus packin barang n headin to my sis house.sebab nye..i'm goin back with her+her hubby+ d comel-est baby HANAN..yayyy!!

saye sangat tak saba nak balik..saye sangat la EXCITED!!saye nk hugs+kisses my babah n!!owh..i am so happy..lalalala~:thumbsup:cepatla pukol 5..saye nak balik ni.haha..
i did plan a few things yg saye nak bwat if saye balik penang..meetin ol'frens..jenjalan..makan-makan kat my fave.places..


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

۞ S.P.A.C.E ۞

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Its been a few days both of 'dissapeared'..its all because of d 'space' that we wanted![huu]..n i hardly tried to control myself so that saye tak call or even msg him.i don't want to doubled up d prob..n hopefully it will gettin better sooner.sebab saye da penat when d same thing keep on happenin again and AGAIN..[duhh~]

n last night..he called me..n he did sent me those msgs..[at last!] well..saye sendirik tak tau knape saye belom ready nak cakap ngan die..maybe i'm d one that need the 'SPACE'..yes,i am..he said i'm the one that tried to walk away.YES I DID..but with a reason..i juz don't want thing to get even more worst..n hopefully he will understand..

OK..thats all for today's entry...:thumbsup:CARPE' DIEM!!!

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