Monday, October 31, 2011

Bukit Merah, Here i Come ..

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today's entry obviously will be about my work-loads [nehh] takde la workloads sangat pon..ahaks!i'm about to attend a course kat Bukit Merah kejap lagi.and..YEAH!! i am free!! [haha] yes, saye sangat suke bile saye kene out station tetibe.sebabnye..saye takyah datang keje [haha] and the best part is, takyah nak crack my head pikir pasal those pending stuffs..classes..students.. [pheww!] well i realized that..walaupon saye dah 1year keje dengan government ni, saye rase dah merata tempat saye pegi. out station jek memanjang. and since saye banyak pegang jawatan yang agak 'kritikal' kat dapatla saye attend berjuta-juta kursus + pegi merata tempat. owhh...i love my job!! [erkk!]

anyway.i'll be away from BERLING for almost a week.and will be step on kat bumi Berling on this coming Tuesday.which means..a week after from today. gile tak happy?? tuhan jek tau perasaan saye skarang [haha] baru jek plan nak apply cuti hari Khamis nanti.skali tak jadila..sebabnye kursus tu pon sampai hari Khamis. then saye bole continue and enjoy 'cuti-cuti' sampai minggu depan..[pergh..bahagia nye hidop].. i have to save my 'cuti-cuti' for those upcoming trip on 17th nanti..and by that time saye akan cube amek cuti 3 hari so that i'll be able to attend my bestfriend's wedding [PEQ LIZA] on 20th..
P/S : i'll try to make it on 'her' wedding day..insyaallah..~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being Left Behind is totally SUCKs!

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Duhh.. Hi everyone!

i'd been 'left' all alone in Penang [uhukk] sedeh sangat! sunyi jek rase bile tinggal sesorang kat rumah without my family..baru semalam tido sesorang..and when i woke up this morning, i was about to go back to KL tomorrow [haha] seriyes nak balik KL! tak hingin duduk sesorang kat Penang. at least i had my families and friends kat sane.kat 'sini'..rase macam all alone jek..

Tidakkk!! kenape la saye tak apply cuti awal-awal.tinggal sehari jek nak keje..then cuti balik.hadoiii...pathetic btol hidop ni.i guess i need to figure out somethin for my life..maybe...having my own family kot [hehehe] Aminn..we will see next year how it goes..pray for me yah kekawan.. =)

P/S : Incek Daniel..tolong la jangan suke 'menipu' sangat.i hate it!! kamu kalau nak menipu pon..tolong menipu kat orang laen, k? NOT ME.. thank you =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Adorable-Gifted-Guy Yang Baik-Hati

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Assalamualaikum everyone!

i knew i'd left my footsteps here for an ages. i guess the only reason is because of my workloads [hehe] like seriously..i'd been so damn busy.those pending work-stuffs were hitting the deadlines. and obviously saye bmati-matian nak classes..alumni registration [tak habeh-habeh ngan bendalah ni]..attending few courses..duhh!! i don't want to mention the others.nanti saket plak hati [huhu] anyway.. i would like to thanked my only-love-ones.. Incek Daniel for the precious gift [hehe] thanks for the pink stuff yang sangat gorgeous and adorable iteww..seriously..I AM SO IN LOVED WITH IT!!! say dah taknak IPAD 2 yang saye idam-idamkan tu..hehe cos i'd something else yang lagik best!!! THANKS B.. [sayang kamu banyak-banyak!]

well..we'd never met since 4months ago.and within that time..rindu yang teramat sangat.tapi ape kan daya..jodoh tak sampai-sampai lagi utk kitorang bjumpe [chewahhh] hahaha..and akhirnye! last week was the   most precious-day ever for this month.haha..dapat jugak ketemu with my prince charming.and i guess maybe ade hikmah die kot..sebabnye..kalo jumpe awal-awal..mungkin Incek Daniel takkan bagi 'hadiah' kat saye [bole tak cakap camtu?]hahaha..

ok..saye memang tengah teruja dengan 'hadiah' iteww..and i bet it will always be with me...thank you =)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Bran-New Kiss Y'all !!

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haha.tetibe plak kan feeling-feeling korean plaks.btw,I love this song so damn much!i'd been admiring U-Kiss for almost 2 years..n i guess this '0330' is the best!tengok video clip derang pon dah bole bwat saye cair [haha] anyway..if kite feeling-feeling tengok vid ni..confirm baru kite paham.if not..sorry guys..~ u'll only love the 'cuties'..bukan the lyric of the song.hahaha..saye cakap macam saye tak minat gile those heart-throb cuties kan??padahal...[Kiseop!! Eli..saranghaeyo!!] ahaks..
this Korean group is one of the greatest band in Korea.if any of you knew all of the U-Kiss members..u definitely know what i mean.seriously..those youngsters are awesome!they can speak and understand different language.Eli..Kevin and Xander [ex] can speak English very well..[American accent okehh..]and basically..those are least masok kolej kan.hahaha.. their dancing skills..jangan cakapla..memang pro kot..[this is why i love them so much]

tapi kan..i was kinda upset because Kibum and Xander had to leave the group.sedeh kot.skarang there's 2 new members in..and they're still '7'..but it won't be the same [uhukk] gonna miss both of them a lot!ok thats all for now..