Friday, February 01, 2013

If We Ever Meet Again

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Oh my!! I had been missing my good ol' days so damn much! N yesterday miracles happened.i went back to my former school and meet up my fav-lovely cekgu!! Seronok nye!! Goshh..i never thought that i'd been left school for almost 13 years!! U got to be kidding me..hahaha.. Tua sudah sy rupe nye.tapi tak seda- seda dirik.ahaks..
Ok back to the stories..hell yeah!! Those memories flashened everytime sy across those places..tempat melepak..tempat berdating..tempat bwat jahat..hahaha.. Godd..sucha memorable precious good old times..

There's a small thought that come across my mind..kan best kalo esok-esok kite dapat bak to the future and select which decades that we wanted to go through.hehehe..i will definitely choose my primary school time!! Owhh indahnye dunia! Pn.Radziah and Teacher Hanani..u are the best teacher i've ever had. And i'd been so thankful sebab without your guidance and support..i won't be as the way i am right now..hee.. Much love to both of u!!