Monday, July 01, 2013

My Dream Guy..

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Things to share.again.   
and again.

i started to browsed this cute guy's youtube page and found out that he's actually an Egyptian.awww.. are so cute! Even without a hair..hee..anyway..what's so interesting about this guy??here are the listings of 10things i love about him...

#1- he's cute! he's bald.but still looks cute thou..Walaupon sedikit pendek.hee
#2- i love his accent! Focus sket kat his American accent.i bet some of us must be surprised to found out that he's an Egyptian.not american. And me included dikalangan 'some of us' iteww..hee
#3-he looks like Justin Timberlake.tak pecaye..cube highlight sket at his face features especially tang hidong and eyebrows..sangat sebijik..
#4-he's so talented. Bole tengok those vlogs yang die dah bwat.those parodies and documentaries blabla.the dancing and singing part actually..ahaks! Lawookk lawokk..
#5-he's a Muslim.Islam to be precised.the good part about him is that..walaupon he lives in America..but still die tak malu nak confessed to the others about his religion.and he loves to share some thoughts about Islam with the Americans..
#6-funneyhh.. Uh huh..he's to make jokes especially with his Arabs friends.confirm gelak kalau tengok vlog Kiss You parody.haii la pak arab ni..
#7-he's good at drawings.adore his touch on one of his vlog.just google for u will agree with me
#8-virgin??can it count?haha.erm jangan ingat lelaki jek nak pompuan yang virgin..
#9-educated.aww this is one of my fave.yeah i found him as a mr.braniac.cos he knows what actually happened around U name it..hee
#10-romantic.or maybe saye bole described him as an all-time-romantic guy..i think so.cos he used to lowered his voice and bwat muke chomel.saye pasti die seorang yang romantic.tak pcaye..bole tengok and you will notice on most of his vlogs..

Vlog 1 - interview with the new yorkers..

Vlog 2 - he confessed that he's actually a Muslim..

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Normal Life Like Others

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Fuuuhh..fuhhh bersarang bagai dah blog ni.kesiann.. Tetiba jek tergerak hati nak update something.i missed 'this' actually.teringat those past year bile sangat aktif mengupdate blog with those new entries sampaikan sehari dekat 2-3 kali publish entries [owhh rindu nye!] rase nye kalo skarang nak bwat balik macam dulu..agak-agak bole ke tak eh?i would like to give a try.hehehe..

Anyway..the latest things that ever happened to me lately is that..kolej saye baru jek lepas dapat 5s recognition from MPC.alhamdulillah..after those hard works..sacrifices..stay backs and not to forget..DEPRESSION..akhirnye bjaye jugak.erm to those yg blom go through with the process..anda akan tau btape susahnye nak implement those S-es [pronounced it ala2 'asses'] hahaha..
Tapi actually bile dah implement..saye rase sangatla practical and manageable.the surrounding lebih kondusif..selesa blabla..rase nye kalo nak implement kat rumah..agak jenuh jugakla.tapi those yang sangat rajen..bole la cube..ahaks! Ok that's the latest thing that happened lately.

And to reward myself..smalam pegi GSC with my friends and students ngadap Monster! 👍👍 two thumbs up man.. Walaupon kawan ye kate Mike Wazowski tu macam saye..but who cares! He's cute kottt.. Ahaks..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Felt The Angel's Cry

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Thank you Mariah for this inspirational song.thought so.. it suddenly reminds me of someone that used to be a part of me..
Huu..pathetic me..

Friday, February 01, 2013

If We Ever Meet Again

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Oh my!! I had been missing my good ol' days so damn much! N yesterday miracles happened.i went back to my former school and meet up my fav-lovely cekgu!! Seronok nye!! Goshh..i never thought that i'd been left school for almost 13 years!! U got to be kidding me..hahaha.. Tua sudah sy rupe nye.tapi tak seda- seda dirik.ahaks..
Ok back to the stories..hell yeah!! Those memories flashened everytime sy across those places..tempat melepak..tempat berdating..tempat bwat jahat..hahaha.. Godd..sucha memorable precious good old times..

There's a small thought that come across my mind..kan best kalo esok-esok kite dapat bak to the future and select which decades that we wanted to go through.hehehe..i will definitely choose my primary school time!! Owhh indahnye dunia! Pn.Radziah and Teacher Hanani..u are the best teacher i've ever had. And i'd been so thankful sebab without your guidance and support..i won't be as the way i am right now..hee.. Much love to both of u!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 - I AM BACK!!

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Assalamualaikum everyone!!

Oh my...dah bersawang dah blog ni!apparently, i missed to blog like i used to do before. i really do!! anyway..this would be my first entry after an ages tak melekat kat sini. well.. HYE everyone!! lots of things happened last year.. those goods and bad.but somehow..still i managed to survived until today [ yayy..yippie me!!] this year obviously will be focused more on my future and career. hee..saye nak kawen. aci tak cakap macamtu? ahaks! will update more on it. 

thats all for today.blurry..~maybe a bit awkward sebab macam dah lame tak berblog like before.need some precious time to get used to it.ahaks!! Carpe' diem everyone!!! mwahhsss..