Friday, September 17, 2010

U.P.D.a.T.i.N.G (✿◠‿◠)

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Lame tak update this blog due to time constraint+the excitement yg teramat during this eid. well..this time raye sangat seronok sbb i was in my hometown for more than a week.seriously,am not in the mood of goin back to Nilai [not now]..unfortunately,tomorrow will off to KL with my beloved family.since my sis pon da balik from Tokyo n me yg br seda diri bahawe diri ini kene mengabdikan diri dgn keje-keje yg menanti di ofis.damn..ku gagahi juge..~bosan nye nak keje..!! i guess masok keje nanti..msti ade 'org-org' yg akan jeles bangat sbb nye i'd been whispered for almost 2 weeks from GIS [haha]..sorry ye utk org-org yg slalu jeles dgn diri saye..
u should know that i really need some space from being surrounded with those unbearable 'NOISE'..

ok..Isnin saye akan masok keje.n the best part is..obviously sume my classes da pon abes with all of the 'silly-bus' [haha]..n i guess..takde la saye bcuti+biakan my students tkontang-kanting struggle themselves..buried their noses over those text books kn.basically,next week will be their i will post their carry marks scepat yg mungkin [at least 2 weeks before]..
goshh..mcm byk plak keje yg kene bwat ni..hmm..i least soon after sy 'berammm' from the college..everythin will be settled.esp the students.. was so damn windy here..guess,it will be raining soon..gotto go..
will be right back..after grabbing all of the 'laundries' on the cloths-line..DADAAAAaa..~
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Monday, September 06, 2010

U-Kiss I'm in Love

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I just don't know why that i am easily fall to any Korean groups..esp the guys..[haha] this time..i had been electrically shocked with these SMOKING HOT korean guys..
U-KiSS ~ i used to noticed this group mase saye tgk this reality vid -Pretty Boys & Girls..

Ki-seop was so hott..n time tula saye started to browsed about this guy.rupe nye he's from this U-Kiss group..n their songs..serious best nak mampos!!

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Tomorrow is the DAY

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Long hush..~

agak busy lately sampai tlupe nk update this blog.well..raye is just around the corner.and i was so excited to go home n celebrate with my lovely families.tomorrow is the day!! saye akan pulang ke to all my cliques..girls..i balik raye dulu.hehe..see ya next week [insyaallah] tu pon kalo saye rase nak balik la.if not..i'll stay n drag my cuti until a week after.
hmm..lately banyak btol dugaan time bulan puase ni.gosh..i need to be strong!i really am..~don't know whether saye dapat 'teruskan' ke tak.cos i guess i still don't have that courage to hold on.i'll try..