Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nine West Handie

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Yesterday i was so damn busy sampai tak sempat nak update new entry. i used to have a few classes+need to go to the airport [my mom kirim barang for my bro-in-law]..hee..~ n yes!thanks to my beloved mummy sbb kirim kan that NINE WEST handbag..omg..i love it so much!! cute sgt.. [THANKS,ma]..

well i adored that handbag bcos as we know..sometimes kat M'sia ni bbrg byk yg out dated.the models are so tak best and tak byk choice. but things are so different in other countries, esp Jeddah.. those handies are so cool+updated! byk choice and yet the designs are so adorable.
i used to drop by at a few Nine West outlets nearby..sgt frustrated cos sometimes new arrival stuffs pon rupe nye ala-ala jek yg mcm the previous.the models+designs sume seakan-akan same..n the color..jgn cakapla..sume ala-ala oldies [which is so not me!]..hehe..anyway..thanks mummy for the True Red handie..

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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Life's Like Sugar ~

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I'm back [hee] by the way, the best thing is..i never thought that i'm still good at netball-ing.haha.. we, the lecturers are still the best on field walaupon da agak 'aging' sedikit. n yes! we won n lead the other 4 student's team.hell yeahhhh~but this time, with sunburns..ankle's sprain..muscle pains and back ache. damn! nampak sangat da getting older as i do felt these kind of thingy just after my SPORTS DAY on last Friday.hmm..just realized one thing.kenape dulu tak penah pon rase seterok+ sepenat this time.padahal, previously i played a few sports activities such as netball..futsal..volleyball etc during my university time..tapi skarang..obviously da tak same macam dulu. friends keep telling me that its all because of our AGE.owh no! i hate the word as i felt like choking something inside my throat [hee] no..i am 26 now..~thought that i am still 24 when i used to hopping, making jokes around pple..teasing my BFFs blabla..shitt..i felt way-SO old right now..having not-so-cool job..earn my own money..get my own salaries..having a car [this is cool!]..but still single..yeahh..the word single represents that i'm a 26 y.o working women,having this n that but still waiting for the miracles n time to be on the 'pelamin'..[haha..] i know i sounds silly..~

tipula if i said at the moment,i'm all alone w/out a soulmate kan? i'd been with this charming-simple but adorable guy for almost 3years.n yes, we wanted to get marry just like the other pple.but due to the time constraints,plus..we're struggling to manage our own financial for the future marriage..blabla..n thats why 'WE' are still on this bf-gf relationship. god..kekadang, i'd been wondering jgak..bile la nak sampai seru+getting married just like my beloved friends etc..n i guess, am still waiting for it. but yet, saye mmg taknak myself kawen by the age of 28.godd!! that was way-too-old+late to get married!! ok ok..i should have this patience and will keep praying so that 'HE' is the one for me..n sooner,akan tibe mase nye utk saye jadik someone's wife..[AMiNn]
hopefully,if my families did read this entry [which i really wish they are NOT] the moment jangan tanye lagi when i'll be getting married etc. it was in d midst of the planning..n we'll see end of the year, n most probably NEXT YEAR [hehe] aminn~
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kitchen Class is D.O.N.E

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:girl_9:Just finished with my kitchen class..gosh,sangat penat ttibe arini.well, arini bjaye ajar my students to cooked Ikan Panggang+Beef Stew+Pegedil Daging & Tomyam Campur..i asked them to make our own tomyam paste.n yes! bjaye..~

the tomyam was so NYUMMY!! geram jgak with the students..sangat cheekY! n naughty..gawd..sgt susah to monitor the adult students yg kkadang tried to play around with their lecturer yg cute ni..[haha] after all, they managed to cooked all the dishes until 2pm. n yes..compared to the other group..they are the fastest.hmm..

in our lecturer office now, tengah busy berdiskusi about tomorrow Sports Day.well..we used to assigned each of us on things to be brought for tomorrow.hehe..all of us planned to have a so-called picnic. n therefore,takyahla kitorang memasing sebok-sebok nak bwk food+beverage.the food+beverage are all until harusla saye kene masak for our lunch kan..erm,tpaksela bangun awal pagi esok to prepare all the 'lauks' for us..hehe.

by the way, esok saye akan join a few match..n hopefully akan menang..
Netball & i come..
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watch My Lil.Niece Sexy Moves

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Haha..this vid lagi best!! she was so cute..tried to imitate her mummy n me..fitting her feet into the cute!! takpe..nanti Hannan da u can fit urself into those charming heels etc.. ;D
watch her moves!! sgt sexy ok..

TO MY MUMMY..MIMIN & KAKLONG..korang mesti geram tgk anak ulat ni joget kan? Haha..saye sendirik da tak tahan nak gelak mase record this vid..hehe..

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Hannan with her cute POSE

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i used to love this vid a lots!! Hannan sangatla comel!! hehe..poor her..tpakse main ssorang sbb mumm y n her MakNgah was so busy looking for a new Charles&Keith stilettos..this vid saye curik-curik recorded while she was excited posed in front of the mirror..hehe..

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SORE throat..GO away!!

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I'd been carried this sore throat+fake fever for almost a week..damn..seriyes gatal+geli jek rase.esp when everyday i have to forced myself, controlling myself from raising up my voice during classes..[pity me] i'd been coughing for thousand times which saye sndrik pon rase MENYAMPAH!..
n today..2 morning classes had been canceled.haha. love it! n today jgak ade sorang hambe Allah dgn baek hati nye blanje me n my other lec-mates a nyummy lunch treats..yeah!! [thank u..thank u utk kamu]

aishh..knapela saye maseh lg rase kegelian in my throat ni..i took some cough syrup evrynight tapi still no changes.n the worst part is..every night throat akan rase sangat saket mcm ade bruises inside..guess it was the time to meet that 'ehemm' doc..[hehe] next trip after balik keje karang the clinic..hmm..hopefully this sore will be gone for..FOREVER

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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I'd been so busy updating this blog..n yet sometimes i tend to forget that i have my personal blog where i used to share my teeny-weeny lil. thoughts..haha..btw..some of my friends keep on asking me whether i'd been into this blogging things bla bla..n BAD JIYNA..i'd been telling lies. Haha..
Well..years ago..i never thought of sharing my blog to the others.u know..just to keep it personal.but after browsing into several COOL blogs..befriend with some beloved bloggers..i found that sharing our own blog with other people that knew us is kinda interesting..~esp with ur close friends and families..Hmm..[smiling]

Am still new with this blogging-things..lot of things to learn and explore.but some of the blogs that i'd been thru kinda inspiring apps..cute+fancy layouts bla bla.. i wanted to have this precious time to just be in front of my lappy,doing this n that to my blog..but bet..i still have to wait for the miracles happen..[haha] time constraint! yes..thats the best words for me..
anyway,i'd added some of my friend's blog..n a few blogs that i used to followed since a years ago..
Thanks to them for allowing me to do so..

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