Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2nd Visit with The Ortho

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hmm..just changed my appointment with ortho this friday to tomorrow.hell yeahh..tomorrow will be my second appointment with the ortho.seriyes nervous! dah imagine cemane gigi-gigi saye will be tightened..and the brackets!!hmm..cakap pasal bracket..t'pikir plak kaler ape ek saye nak pakai untuk bulan depan [haha] since i'm wearing PINK skarang..terase plak nak tuka pakai kaler PURPLE..or maybe BLUE..[ahaks] best jugak bile dah ber BRACES nih..ade jugak kaler yang boleh make my day..takde la rase boring jek ngadap gigi yang same..
baru jek tadik usha-usha my gigi kat cermin..trase macam ade a few teeth had been moving [just a few] harap-harap gigi saye takkan degil+malas nak bgerak cos saye taknak la pakai lelame braces nih..max will be 2 years [godd..2 years pon dah cukup lame bagi saye] rase nye..ade jugak saye kawen nanti ber BRACES [uhukk] what to do..~tpakse la cover-cover+tak bukak mulut mase photoshot nanti..kalo tak..harusla besinar-sinar gamba saye [bengong!kutok dirik sendirik]

( Pathetic Busy Life )

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just came back from work.damn!macam orang gile jek balik keje lewat-lewat cenggini.felt so damn exhausted.i can't imagine myself having 'this' life like..FOREVER.goshh..NO WAY!! this isn't what we called ain't be this way.and shouldn't be this way.takpela..tepakse la at the moment saye b'saba dengan keje saye skarang.i do hope my life will be much more better than 'this' in the future.and i really hope that once i had my own family..i will not be hell busy..or maybe 'workaholic' will be the best word to describe myself now.poor my lil.sister..i couldn't be able to spend more time with her and even guide her with her study [sory Mimin]..
hoping that next month will be a 'leisure' month for me.saye tak suke with my busy life skarang!saye tau la saye still single lagik.but still i have family to be concern off. poor them [huhu] hopefully akan ade yang paham with my situation now..[pretty please!!]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Days Left ..~

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we've got another 2 days left.and after this..Sayonara T.O.T..[ahaks!] seriyes bile dah lame attend training ni..rase bosan plak.obviously..bukan saye jek yang rase macamtu.most of my friends felt the same way too [haha]..n bile dah nak abes ni..mulela macam-macam perangai yang kitorang bole nampak.sume dah pandai 'ngelat'..HAHA..~bile lunch time jek,memasing bsemangat jek [yela..time makan kan]..tapi after lunch time..brape kerat jek yang masok ke kitchen.mule la ade yang malas-malas nak masok kitchen.including ME
[ n Mimi jugak]..~ahaks!
duhh..bosan!the lesson was interesting actually.i'm not saying there's nothin good with the's just that, when we took a longer time..people tend to feel bored!kekadang bole plak rase ngantok time dalam kitchen [boleh gitew??]..well..takpe..2 hari jek lagi.and after this..bole la rest lame sket.bukan malas ok?? just imagine..'we' had no time to pamper ourselves.orang keje 5 hari seminggu..but kitorang..24/7 working so hard.every weekend kene datang.langsung takde cuti.and the worst part is..we had no time for our family.even our friends! [crazy!!]
i had been facing 'these' since last 2 months.and hopefully..bile dah dekat nak puase ni..kurang la sket 'aktiviti' kolej ni..[hehe]heh..malas nak ngomel we learned on how to make CHOCOLATE. seriously sangat best.and yang paling best is..those chocolate looks so damn NICE..just look at the pictures..and it will tells you EVERYTHING.
Chocolate Silicone Molds
Our Own-Made Chocs. Nyum Nyumm!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Outdated Entry- A Test From God

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banyak btol mende yang jadik lately.saye tau..semue tuh adalah dugaan bagi saye and 'the others'.tak pnah langsung saye terpikir or even imagine that this thing will happened.tapi saye tau..Allah memang sengaja nak uji hamba die.kekadang kite rase happy bile semue yang jadik around us turns to be sooo sweet.and bile kite happy..kite mulela lupe tentang susah payah in our life.and when our life's turnes to be bitter..baru kite mule nak ingat DIA. sedehnye saye..~kenape la semue ni perlu jadik dekat saye n yg lelaen.and seriously..i love my life and my family.and PLEASE..seboleh-bolehnye saye taknak pon ade sesiape/something that pry into our life.
kesian adek-adek saye..
and kesian mama saye..[goshh..I REALLY LOVE THIS WOMEN]
Ya tuhan..tolongla..tak boleh ke semue dugaan NYAH dari kitorang..pathetic jek rase skarang..huu..

p/s: this is not a recent supposed to be published 2 days ago.haha

Friday, June 24, 2011

= REST Day =

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what a day.well i supposed to be in the office today [ye..aku kene keje what??] but unfortunately...di sebabkan kemalasan melanda..seriously..saye tak pegi.that T.o.T course is still running until next week.and obviously, the attendance is compulsory.tapi di sebabkan saye memang berani mati..hari ni slumber jek saye tak pegi. anyway.. i just felt so damn exhausted.and since i'm not going to Sabah with Incek Daniel, attending his bro's wedding [sory wakk]..i decided to take one day leave [which is TODAY].seriously penat! i don't even had a chance to REST. apparently, this month was a hectic month! banyak sangat mende yang kene bwat+attend.
Exam week+Course+Pulau Perhentian+Bengkel T.o.T..all those happened in this month.tak ke gile u'olls.goshh..i need a rest.and i need to rest.kalo tak..konfem badan saye akan saket.ksian badan n my those people yang bekenaan..pls concern about this.everyone had their own life.
p/s : Incek Daniel's will off to Sabah this evening. again..he's leaving me!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[ Pull Sugar - Dolphins ]

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wee..i learned a new lesson today..i was so damn excited with this new nye bile dapat attend kursus free [haha] i told i had been taught by Chef Zuwairi on how to do cute dolphins by using pull was a great sugar deco and amazed me! this is what the expertise used to do..pulling the sugar and blew it until it turns into a GREAT creation. wheww!!now i knew how difficult to handle the sugar.the heated god..sangat susah nak handle as u need to pull it very fast sebabnye..gula tuh sangat panas ok?? SANGAT-SANGAT panas. and believe it or not..baru jek 2 hari blaja bwat pull hand dah pon melecur sket.terase tapak tangan ni kebas jek..
and mule la saye risau.takot-takot kalo tangan ni dah jadi 'kematu'.nanti nak salam dengan bakal suami+mak mertua..memang tekejut+tekentut la derang sebab tangan saye da macam kulit gajah! [hahahaha] harap-harap tangan ni maseh menten lembut macam apam.kalo takk..tepaksela hamek pinjam tangan orang laen bwat salam bakal korang mampu nak kasik saye pinjam tangan korang??..HAHA..sengal!!
Cantek kan.. =)
The only dolphin..

Monday, June 20, 2011

[ Sugar Deco - Pull Sugar ]

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haha..believe it or not..i'm on the road with my lecturer-mate, Mimi.sempat lagi kan saye!! well..on our way back to Penang.the far ok lagik.tak 'jem' lagik..sebabnye..kitorang balik awal! [awal 5menet jek pon] hahaha.. today..nothing much happened.since our T.O.T had started, all of us did spent our time in the's our first day..and the first lesson is.. PULL SUGAR.
seriyes best bwat this sugar deco.sampai merah+melecur our hands pulling the sugar.after's such a good experience learning a new lesson.and an advantage jugak to all of the lecturers sebabnye kalo kitorang pegi blaja/join kursus yang kat cost almost RM2K. tak ke gile??so bile da join government ni..banyakla kursus-kursus yang saye tak penah join/ tak t'pk nak join..saye da pon TER join..cemane tuh?? hahaha..
sijil jangan cakap la.eventhough tak sampai pon a year..saye da pon join almost 10 courses.hahaha..thank you Dato' K..[hehe]
ok..tomorrow we will learn a new lesson.kalo hari ni kitorang da .which is a vase..but tomorrow we'll started to do something yang a bit complicated.. DOLPHINS.. [yay!!]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

.Weekend Scenes.

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What WE did in this weekend!!
My One..

Me and Him..

The Scene..

My BFF- Peq Liza The Evil One

[ A Month- That i Will Never FOrget ]

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Pheww..~best nye bile dapat tido yang sangat lame after travelled for almost 4hours and stand up until morning without having a sleep [at all]!! gile la..memang da macam an OWL [haha] this week sucha CRAZY WEEK. attending a course for 5days at Port Klang and ber 'cikcur' with my BFF-Peq Liza+Incek Daniel..and the best thing ever is..travelled from KL-Penang with my lovely sisters..Rina & Mimin..including my Incek Daniel & Rina's soulmate, Mat. Best sesangat eventhough it was a bit tiring. best sesangat..

and i guess, yesterday was 'our' first time ever travelled sucha long journey.and since Incek Daniel never been in Penang..i decide to bring him to those places that i used to hangout.but unfortnately, i'm not good in recognizing the 'road' [mane tak nye..before this kalo pegi those places bukan saye yg drive pon] i had been facing 'this syndrome' since 10 years ago.hahahahha..n i do realized yang saye ni sangat SANGAT terok nak ingat jalan.n used to be dependent with my co-driver.nah amek nkao!! bile tpakse 'independent' sendirik..punye la struggle to memorized the track to those places.anyway..good try! takde la sesat pon..thank god ade GPS [seriyes..sayang gile my device tu!]

memang kitorang bwat keje gile.since Incek Daniel will fly back to JB this morning..we decide to 'overnight' without having a sleep and believe that pagi nanti bole terus send my Daniel to the airport.n yes we did!! again..i had to rememberized jalan ke airport. soon we reached at the airport sebenarnye pon, da lambat. tawakal jela..kalo tak dapat nak check we have to buy a new ticket.luckily, the flight delayed.. PHEWW!! at least we still have time to spend!! Thank you AirAsia..lepasni..kerap-kerapla delay ye?? haha..

After all..i do had so much fun.skurang-kurangnye takdela saye tension jek ngadap keje! huu..thanks to all my BFFs for spending your time with me..and to my Incek Daniel..Thanks for your effort and time that you had spent..appreciate it a lot!! love ya lotss!!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

- Student's Feelings -

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Received bad news yesterday.hmm..~sometimes i wonder how people handle their 'stress'.sometimes the toughest thing about feelings is sharing them with others.sharing your feelings helps you when your feelings are good and when they aren't so good..sharing also helps you to get closer to people you care about and who care about you..hmm..~

i'd been into this 'education' line for almost 4 years.and i knew that i'm still having this difficulties on helping my students to solve their 'problem'. some of them disgorged their feeling cos they believed i could 'help' them.i think i did..but deep down inside, i don't even think that i did satisfy them.
Poor them =\

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Island Tour with BFF

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Let the pictures tell the story on what i did yesterday..haha..

The students..

The place..

The lost road..hahaha

The pilot a.k.a pakcik..eheh

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


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uhukk..semenjak ber BRACES ni..asyik sengal jek rase gigi's ni..[huu] mcm nk ketok-ketok jek semue gigi yang tau ke SENGALAN yang saye rase skarang ni benar-benar bwat saye jadi SENGAL!! ahaks..smoge keSENGALAN yang ade skarang will GO AWAY!!! syuhhh..syuhh..nyah nkau!! [sengal!]

ok..arini trus rase takde mood nak makan akibat keSENGALAN yang saye rase skarang.kalo tau la rase macamni..da lame+awal-awal lagi saye da pakai braces ni.almaklumla..bile da kertu ni..gigi pon turut same jadik kertu [haha] and teringat bile time gigi kene cabut akibat nak pasang braces ni..gosh..saket dow!!doc pon beria jek tarik+cabut gigi.seriyes rase mcm nak menangis.menangis sbb trase SENGAL+SEDIH sbb saye akan bpisah dgn 4 batang gigi yang slame ni sntiase teman saye since i was a kid n until i was 27th [haha]..i knew that i'm gonna miss those tooths like..FOREVER!!

ok..sengal gigi tak abes lagi..i guess that i have to take those 'pain killer' and ZzzZzz..~
ok everyone..daaa!!!