Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Job-New Faces

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weehuu!! at last..this is what i've been waiting for.and alhamdulillah, i got that job. i resigned from my previous job, and now..i'm at the new place.been surrounded with new faces and new working environment..~

but all of the sudden, i missed my colleague..i miss everyone including my nasty students that i used to mentioned before.hehe..

good thing is..i'd resigned from my ol' college where i'd accept a new job offer. well..prevly saye penah mention how desperate and needy i am to get any of the gov-job kan.and i'd felt so gloomy until one fine day..i got an official letter from MOHE saying that i'd been accepted for that post..~

i knw i'd been neglecting this blog-thingy for nearly a month (a month ke??) but that doesn't mean saye da lupe about this lovey-dovey blog.ahaks! well..lots of thing happened nowadays.good and bag things..