Saturday, January 08, 2011

Encek Daniel Off to Terengganu

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I love hate this feelings!!saye baru tau yang Encek Daniel tpakse pegi ke Terengganu tonight [uhukk] seriously,i was so damn surprised with the news!yela..all of the sudden he has to go to was an order from his principal.adehh..~tpakse die tolong one of the cekgu kat sekolah tu as her dad just passed away..
saye bukannye kesah sangat pon..its just that..a bit worry i guess..[huu] my apek dahla agak terok on the road when it comes to the night time [rabun tahap cipan!] n i can imagined Encek Daniel keep on rubbing his eyes yang ber'lens itew..huu..
To my Encek Daniel..
i hope that u'll arrive safely..and smoge awak selamat doa will always be with u,darl..

**I keep on calling him..but there's no answer =| He always did this to me!! =(

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Resolutions

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Tick Tockss..~
tak saba plak nak balik umah! bored to death!! seriyes, pegi keje pon tak bwat pape.hmm..tunggula next week.jangan harap la nak rase this kind of phone's ringing..~macam tetau jek Incek Daniel ni yang saye tengah t'pk pasal die..[such a good instinct] hee..well,saye kebosanan!dari tadik asyik browsed the net jek [duhh] and suddenly there's a moment saye bole berangan kejap.erkk..macam tak seswai jek ayat berangan tuh..actly,am about to have a small thoughts on my resolutions for this year [mintak-mintak la the makeover menjadik]..i guess, i need to do some changes..or maybe,overhaul myself! [yeahh..that word suits me]

hokeyy..ape eh my resolutions for this year..~stelah di tambah/tolak..i guess those are the things yang saye betol-betol nak [wee..macam demand jek kan?]
I wanna lose/less an argument [this one of cos will involved my Incek Daniel] =)
previous year, i guess i'm a bit argumentative person.i used to point out my finger and yelled like hell!so i guess its time for me to think some imprtant things besides who's right or wrong [barula bahagie rumahtangge]..
Sorry soulmate, i might sounds a bit offensive.tapi sekarang i'll try to change..hehe [aminn]

I knew that i'd been such a NIGHT OWL [haha] tengok jela eyebags that had been produced.hee..~so i decided to sleep least an hour earlier pon da kire ok [kelaka ko,Jiyna]..well,there's a few reason why i wanted to do so.hmm..i just realized that having a proper sleeps can slow down the process of ageing n also control my body weight! [owh..just like my BFF-Rina Jamal,saye pon nak nampak in shape hokeyy] anyway, i hope that this will extremely helps me to keep my hearts healthy and increase my self-esteem [aminn]

Since this year i'll be using a loootttss of dimes..i decide to save some cash for my savings! well..i need to control myself from being such a big spender as before.need to train myself and make sure that every month i'll save some of my salary [well,i'll ask my soulmate to do the same thing] NO MORE SHOPPING! BUY ONLY NECESSARY THINGS.. [huu..da tak bole nak admire perfumes,heels blablaa lagik] might cause some difficulties to me..but i'll try.. [aminn]

Eat healthy foods especially raw veggies.well,this year will be concerning more on my health [beside my soul relationship] i decide to take more frequent raw veggies at least once a week to detoxify my body and of course to increasy my energy level.therefore..STOP EATING UNHEALTHY FOODS, will makes u look sluggish.hahahaha [aminn]

Erkk..this one..hmm..tak dapek den nak nolong.i had this kind of bad habits..cluttering my handbags [duhh]..i guess sedikit sebanyak it also did cluttering my mind [kekadang bile nak carik barang,rase semak jek tengok!] i guess, its time to take out what's unnecessary.saye akan make sure,i'll bring only one lip gloss instead of 4..arrange+tidy up my makeup pouch n obviously,won't add more things over the week.HAHAHA.. [ aminn]

No more in my head i guess..hahaha..there are some! tapi saye tak pasti those are in the list..ermm..~

Duhh..hopefully its not just a resolutions..will make it real..insyaallah..GO JIYNA!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

|| 1st Day in Berlin on 2011 ||

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Still in the mood of New Year blast off!!
Today was my very first day working setelah b'cuti for a few was 2011.rase laen plak tetibe [haha] anyway..untuk tahun 2011, saye da mule berazam macam-macam.hee..hopefully this new year akan lebeh banyak happiness happen [still i'm waiting for it!] besides, since i'd been into this new changes [new place]..saye akan jadi more lazy ass hardworking than before [weehuu!] n of cos la keje saye pon saye nak more efficient [cehh semangat ni!]

duhh..ttibe asyik t'pk to get attach! asal tahun ni rase cam miang gatal jekk [haha] maybe its time to get things over with.hee..besides..i'm in d midst of spending controlling my cashs.n i have to starts earning n maintaining my savings for the future.yess..future..cos obviously,i'll be getting married. n for our both ease,i decide to contribute some..~kesian la kalo nak harapkan bakal hubby jek yang spend.lagipon..both of us da ade stable job..and on behalf of me..why not if i give some little trouble helps [kesian kat Incek Daniel nanti]

Monday, January 03, 2011

[ Me & Daniel's Funny Vid ]

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Haha!! This is SUPER HILLARIOUS!! crazy me..whoopss! Incek Daniel kalo tengok jangan marah eh..

Funny Thingy Created in 2011

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Those are totally hillarious!! well..entah cemane i did found out this fun-NY webbie.. best plak ngadap+editing those pics..[haha] check those out!!

Look-a-bit-awkward! HAHA


My 2011 First Entry

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This entry will be my first ever for this year 2011.well..i'd been expecting so many things to happen for this whole year.And yet, of course..full of happiness and joy [weehuu!]..will list out some of the miracles thingy that i've been waiting for this 2011.

anyway..this NEW YEAR celebration was totally amazed me.for the first time ever, my soulmate..Incek Daniel was there for me..we both celebrating our New Year in our own way [shh!! it was a secrets,thou] hahaha..i met my soulmate soon after he went back from his lovely hometown and of course before the school starts.thank god my Puan Pengarah did approved my leave app [Thank u,Puan]..~Goshh..i won't forget those things that happened during our 2011-New was so precious kan,darl?? [eheh..hanye Incek Daniel jek yang tau]

thank u,Incek Daniel for those lovely gifts..for d pearl wrist watch..d bracelets and those pearl brooches..[saye suke sangat!!].. i know i might sounds a bit BONGOK..haha..barula saye figure out that my Daniel adelah seorang yang sangatttt moody LOVELY..and owhh..romantic jgak!..Thank u,darl..~
Saye harap this new year will be our most precious year than before..semoge ape yang kite impikan will becomes true..and Insyaallah if our rezeki and jodoh this year..we'll belong to each other.and yang paaaliing best is..i'll be OFFICIALLY YOURS!! [yahoo!!]

Amin untuk sume-sume itew..~