Tuesday, May 31, 2011

He's Leaving..

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this entry might sounds a bit odd [haha]..well..'He's Leaving..' does not mean that he's actually leaving 'me'..ahaks! he's leaving n went back to his hometown, SABAH..'He' adalah merujuk kepada Incek Daniel..uhukk..mentang-mentangla da start cuti skolah..cambest jek die balik sane [saye sangat jeles!!]..
ermm..n saye sangat teruja bile dapat sms Incek Daniel saying..'wak..I promise i won't forget u..;) I Love You..;) ' wee..!! ok..now i felt a bit relieved sebabnye saye tau yang Incek Daniel takkan lupe saye n akan ingat saye jek kalo-kalo die nak bwat mende 'jahat'..
Hee..hopefully he'll enjoy this school holiday n dapat beli BANYAAaaakk 'souvenir' utk saye..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missing 'THEM'..

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whoot whott..
just doone with my WORK checkLISTsss..
tons of work are waiting for me.since this week will be our student's final exam..everybody seems so damn busy preparing the carrymarks blabla..gosh,suddenly i missed my previous job.missing everybody especially those who are closed with me..~
my besties-RINA JAMAL..
gosh..missing them so much! missed our gossiping moments..hangouts together..n the best part is,sharing our thoughts n concern to each other..huhu..that what's we called a FRIENDSHIP [hehe]..
and my ex-students..yeahh..i always missed them.missing how nasty they are..missing how they behave so bad in my class..missing their stubborn-head..and missing the moments when i get so angry with their tantrums..
my god..i do really missing them so bad ..duhh..thats why saye sangat tak suke bile saye duduk sensorang+busy doing my workloads blabla..cos i knew that i will have this small thoughts and seda yang saye rindu sangat 'makhluk-makluk' itew bile saye BUSY..
pelik kan?? hahaha..
missing them..=\

Sunday, May 22, 2011

..Choco-Making For The 1st Time..

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Haha..this is supposed to be yesterday's entry.well..smalam akhirnye baru la bjaye kelua pegi shopping bebarang utk bwat cuppies with my friend's, MIMI. erm i guess lepasni bole la pegi sendirik ke kedai tuh [hee].. the reason why we decided to shop into that bakery shop sebab nak membeli bebarang for sis yanty's wedding next week.she asked me to make her some cute cuppies n for the first time jgak saye dgn berani nye accept the offer..[baru la nampak ciri-ciri utk bwat bisnes tu ade]padahal sbelom ni..NAN ADO!!haha.seriously saye sangat teruje pegi kedai tu smalam.banyak gile bebarang bakeri n banyak jugakla saye membeli.but seriously, it is worth!the prices was affordable..~
lepas ni i had no excuse la if my family nak suruh bake some cuppies/cakes for them [haiyooo]..anyway,smalam for the first time..i did my own handmade chocs! seriyes jadik n sedap..yayyy!! thanks to my lil.sis for helping me out+turning the kitchen into a BIG mess. HAHAHA..

love you mimin..~ i asked my dad n uncle to give a try..and yes! saye bjaye making the chocs as both of them really enjoying the chocos..wee!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

YOU Surprised Me!!!

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Yesterday..i received a SURPRISE from Incek Daniel!!! yayyy..i am so damn happy.but seriously saye sangat tak expect that i'll get a parcel from him.goshh..he was so sweet..happy sesangat..

Thanks a lot for d surprise.seriously..it's really a SURPRISE.haha..thanks for the remembrance of loves and thoughts. I LOVE YOU"

[ OUT-dated Entry ]

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i knew that this entry might sounds out-dated [haha].. tak tau knape skarang i used to be so damn busy! people around me thought that i'mma workaholic career woman. but hey!! I AM NOT!! i'd been forced to work [uhuk] yes i am!! saye bukan kuat bkeje pon.tapi saye tpakse bekeje.. believe it or not, last week i was totally giving up my '24/7' to my career. i'd been working for 7days a week!! [gosh i am so damn exhausted]

 and yet, lots of things happened.good and bad things. but obviously, i am happy with the 'good' things.hehe..last 12th May was me dad+my youngest lil.sister birthday. and since my beloved mommy was not 'here'..i decide to give them a surprise.haha! i baked a cake for both of em' and a 3 dozens of cuppies for our 'LIL.CORRO' +brought them to our fave.seafood place..ingatkan nak bwat surprise kat die mase kat skolah nanti.unfortunately, my dad plak reveal d surprise [duhh].. aduhh..rosak plan me+my mom. tak bole simpan rahsia btol la Incek Ramli ni..seriyes tak best!!
But papepon..at last bjaye jgak to make my lil.sis happy [eventhough it wasn't a surprise anymore]..she was so happy with the cuppies+really enjoy the moment eating em' with her classmates..
anyway..this is a message to my MIMIN..

'i had spare my time doing the cuppies just for u sampai balik umah lewat pukul 11malam tao.and after this, if u dont behaves/even naughty..siap awak!!!'


Saturday, May 07, 2011


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Why do i have to been surrounded with 'these' MORON people?? kenape la suke jek nak carik pasal.well..i used to respect this 'bitch'..but now..since she'd pry into own life and humiliate+talking craps about me..seriously, i HATE her!!! cakap tak serupe bikin.. n whatever u did to me+my friends,we won't forgives you! your attitude..your behaviour..obviously shows the real you.kampungan!!
takpe..slagi i can stand+control myself with this stoopid situation,i will~n if i failed..sorry biatches..i warned you! just move your ass from here before thing gets complicated..