Thursday, January 05, 2012

Time Flies..~

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How time flies.cepat betol mase blalu.and i'd just realized that hari ni dah hari Khamis.which means..dah almost seminggu saye LARA [haha] yeahh..a tough+disastrous week ever!mood swings+hati pink.and i guess am getting a bit ok now.thanks to those yang sangat concern about me.asking my real condition now and so on..terima kaseh sesangat!! don't okay, i guess. beside, last few days 'WE' did talked.ow yah..we did.and baru skarang saye dapat tau something that had been hiding from me within these few years.i don't know how to respond actually..~erm but obviously saye sangat tekejut!should i blame him??or am i the one that should be blamed?? pity him..~bile saye dapat tau a bit about the secrets..terus saye dah lupe semua perasaan marah saye..saket hati saye..kecewa saye..towards him.what i felt is...

ha, that??that's what i felt.saye tetibe rase simpati pon ade.and now..i just don't know what was happening to me.i guess at this time..he might need me.and after all..saye still dapat kate putus about our relationship skarang.sebabnye..macam ade mende laen yang interrupt and at the moment,we just put our concern more on supporting each's unfair kan?? mende laen yang patot di concern..tapi bole plak we put aside kejap.macam kelaka pon ade! adoii ape nak jadik dengan manusia skarang??macam cepat jek 'lupe diri'.Wallahualam..~

what ever it is..i have to settle all those matter that everything will be solve and takyahla saye nak pening+crack my head pk pasal mende-mende tuh lagi.cos saye dah TERsangat penat and otak saye pon dah macam tepu jek untuk pk those masalah.saye harap sume ni akan selesai supaye the final decision will makes everyone happy..Aminn..~

P/S : next week will be the registration week.and i promise i'll make myself busy.haha.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Kau Memang KEJAM!!

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Ya Allah...

Sedeh nye bile tbace sesuatu yang betol-betol bwat saye tersentap!!Sedeh nye Ya Allah..~knape la ade jugak manusia macamni boleh wujud lagi kat dunia ni.huu..~saye pasti Allah akan bantu saye yang lemah ni.and saye harap what he'd give..he'll get back.Aminn..~Alhamdulillah i'd found 'these' seriously..i started to hate YOU!!