Monday, November 09, 2009

[ Current Situation ]

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its been an ages saye tak update this new entry etc..[gosh].. i'd been so fuckin busy with my stuffs n so on. in fact, lately i'd been into those hardest times that i would never thought will happen. sucha relief when all the sudden-rough-times had gone!! yippie it my new day ever..

probably there's so many things that i've left behind.but yet, saye rase kalo i put on this entry..alamat nye tak siap la keje saye [haha].. my current situation now is gettin family,my soul-relationship,current job blabla..everythin's OK. ok??haha..well..this week will be a bit busy i new sem will be started next week. n harusla this week will be the registration week. erm,my timetable tak dapat lg.but ape yang saye tau..this sem saye akan ngaja Applied Food n Hospitality Industrial Training. thank gawd Food Cost tak offer this sem.kalo tak..lagila saye srabot.huhu..

btw..i still had these difficulties to finalized those Noss Matrix for the commis students.uhukk..anyone!!HELP ME!!
bcos of that..saye srabot jek rase kpale nih..huu..i need some one to assist me over this..~


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