Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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Good day everyone!!

Anyway..there's nothing much to say..just wanna wish everyone..SELAMAT HARI RAYA ..n MAAF ZAHIR + BATIN..
i know u guys had been surrounded with lot of happiness..happy joyous festive my fellow friends!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Mom Was HERE!!

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Assalamualaikum everyone!

i was so happy since yesterday.and alhamdulillah..my mom had been safely arrived to ur hometown on last evening [happy sehh] i am so excited to celebrate this eid..everybody will be here and i bet this time 'raya'..it will be more fun since all of my family members will be celebrating together [weett wettt]

smalam bbuke kat Kenny's.nyumm nyumm..tapi punye la ramai orang u'olls.sepbaek i dah bwat reservtion earlier.if not..dah confirm akan bbuke jam 8mlm la gamaknye..anyway..this will be a short entry..will be back soon with more updates from me..
stay tune...[hahaha poyo gile!]
Anyway..my baby tomato n chilli dah pon membesa 'sket'.tak sabo nak tunggu those bbuah

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man, i Am So Talented =D

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I'd just browsed into my pictures folder and found out 'this' [haha] it was funny anyway.i still remembered when was 'this thingy' been accidentally happened [haha again] last week i did mentioned that i have to attend a meeting in KL ryt guys?..and this is what happened before i left 'Berlin'.i used my friend's PC and all of sudden..i'd been accidentally making 'this' for him.hahaha..why Princess Fiona?? i had no idea man..i just found that this green ogre been so cute and decided to do some picture editing.yea..there it goes..HAHAHA..

hopefully he won't go mad with me..i knew he won't.he might just love this as much as i do ryt??hehe..after all i did noticed that i'd just did a small butterfly right after my signature [signature kah??burok benorr] hee..i had no idea what was it supposed to be before.particularly..yeah..it was a butterfly walaopon takde ghupe langsong..haha [pttuiii]

It's About The $$$

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Wewitt.. Assalamualaikum..~
Morning peeps!

i've heard that today..our 'gaji' for this month dah pon masok [untuk yang keje gomen lerr]..saye taktau la sahih ke tak rumors tuh cos saye sendirik tak check lagi.tapi ade kawan saye yang dah check,die kate die punye dah masok.kalo betol..best la [gile tak best??] hmm..since i'd been joining 'gomen' ni..i felt a bit relieved even though there's a certain part that i don't even 'like' it so damn much [tak perlu la saye mention kan?] i mean in term of salaries..bonuses..hmm everything seems to be  'perfect' [haha] mane tak nye..sebelom ni keje,gaji masok lambat jek.alhamdulillah for all this [thanks Allah]

anyway..saye malas la nak cakap pasal gaji ni.cukop ke..tak cukop ke..cemane pon saye tau it still doesn't look 'enough' for us.maybe there's a part that we didn't spent it in a proper ways..or maybe there's another reason..[wallahualam..] pape pon..during this festive season..obviously we have to be very wise to spend our money.especially those government servants yang macam saye ni..gaji masok awal..harusla abes pon cepat.n how to survive for the following months?? [lu pikir la sendirik!] hahaha..well i understood..time festive season ni la banyak SALE kan??haha..n mule la kite [yang pompuan ni] terase addicted gile nak bershopping like hell.mane tak nye sume shopping malls yang pegi..sume ade SALE! [hee] well..i did experienced this mase kat KL last week.nyesal! nyesal! NYESAL!!

so to those yang nak shopping raye nanti..don't be a crazayyy shopaholic [hehe]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My M&S Favourite-All-Time Cookies

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Good Morning everyone!!

i'd just reached 'Berlin'.gossh..it's a Lazy Sunday.malas nye nak keje.nak datang keje tadi pon punye la susah.i text Mimi..ajak die pegi pukol 6.30am instead of 6.10am like we used to do before.hmm..sampai jugak on time.its just that i have to speed la kan [hehe] sampai jek ofis..trus out of mood.hmm..memang trus rase tak best! goshh..sampai bile la i have to stand with this kind of life [huhu]

anyway..tetibe terase kelaparan.terase macam nak 'breakfast' [hahaha]..erm actly tadi sempat jugak grab one piece of choc.chip cookies kegemaran-sepanjang-hidup saye!! i bought it mase pegi b'buke kat KLCC last Friday night.n seriously..saye memang melepaskan kegeraman saye yang sangat gile-gile kat Marks & Spencer aritu..where i bought loads of food stuffs especially my faveret-all-time cookies.yum-nyumm..since i had been stranded in Berlin ni..saye dah tak penah 'sentuh' that nyummy cookies.dulu mase kat Nilai..every week i'll bought those for my food stuffs.dahla kat Penang takde Marks & Spencer.memang craving like hell la saye!

this time..YEAHH!! i bought a few..n harap-harap cukopla stock saye tuh.nanti balik KL..bole rembat lagi.kalo tak dapek..gamak nye tpakse la makan sket-sket supaye tak habes [haha] sounds stingy gile kan??
Nyum-nyum!! i'd been addicted to this stuff .u guys should try..n i bet u will love it!!

the cookies!! shedapnye...!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Not in The List..

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why do i have to waked up n stayed up at this time?? [huu] kenape la saye kene siapkan data-data students ni.adoii mate dah naek juling da ni tengok sume raw data dalam sistem <-- haha.i wrote this last night!n tak sempat nak complete this entry as i fell asleep in front of my lappy.hee..i guess saye nak continue jek on this entry.sebab nye..malas saye nak delete the draft.cam sayang jekk.. [ahaks]

anyway..saye dah pon selesai with the meeting kat Kolej Komuniti Selayang.lega jek rase bile sume data dah complete n dah key-in dalam sistem.hopefully takde problem la lpasni [aminn] i was in Taman Melawati now.n kawan saye from KK Kulim n KK Kepala Batas dah pon on the way back to Penang [girls..thanks for sending me home] hopefully they'll arrive safely. bile tingat balik..cam best jugak this time punye bengkel.meeting old friends from those different colleges n again jumpe derang balik.yela..dah name pon Pegawai Tracer Study kolej.kalo pegi meeting memane pon pasal tracer..harusla muke yang same jek kitorang akan jumpe [hehe] best!!

tapi..tak puas hati btol bile tengok laporan pengesanan graduan 2010 yang kitorang dapat tadi..my name takde pon.yang ade name orang laen.padahal..yang bwat laporan tu bukan nye orang itew pon.it was me!! [huu] kenapela JPKK tak update lagi all the details.sedangkan dah banyak kali inform derang that i am the one who incharged of all the graduates..[sedeh gile!!pilu jek rase] kesian saye.anyway..bukanla nak rase glamour ke ape.it just that for my own satisfaction.yela..after bgelumang dengan SPSS bagai..at least rase puas sket bile di credited as one of the tracer's..hmm..pathetic me!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pregnant Women Are SEXxaaY..!!

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Morning peeps!!
perghh..skejap jek dah masok hari ke-17 kite bpuase.yeyeh!!dah nak raye..thank god baju raye dah pon beli [thanks lolong!! awak sponsor kan?] haha..anyway..taun ni dah nekad nak pakai baju kurong warne merah.yess..i'd been admiring this color since last year.RED-HOT-CHILLI-PEPPERS! n i bet u guess can imagine how it looks like kan? [hehe] well..obviously,since i am 27th now..i can't remember when was the last time i had my own baju kurong in RED.hee..i guess i have one back in year 2003 [ahaks!] time tu mase tengah amek diploma in Dungun.n taktau kat mane tcampak baju kurong iteww.. definitely i bet women will look sexier if they are wearing a red dress.cos..yeah..RED = SEXY [did u guys agree with me?]

dulu saye penah teruja with my own friend sebabnye..on that day she's wearing a red baju kurong.n yes..die nampak sexy gile kot with that color.same goes to the other friends..where they love to wear this red-thingy..n bile tengok jek,nampak kawan-kawan pompuan saye iteww sexy! [sepbaekla saye ni pompuan kan?] lagi-lagi kalo pompuan itu tengah pregnant. ow helloww!!saye bukan seorang yang LESBO okeh?? [haha] n still i'm attracted to a guy [hehe..Incek Daniel la tuu..] saye just suke tengok pompuan pregnant.seriously..they look SO SEXXayyyy..hmm..pregnant womens are sexy kan?kenape eh all of the sudden they become so-ohhmaiigoodd naturally sexy with a small bump in front.chomell..!! [heh..i realized..asal cam repetitious jek ayat-ayat saye eh??] haha.. btw,i'd been watching this scene in one of our favourite MTV Channel..Heidi Klum n her lovely hubby, Seal. she's in red while having her 2nd pregnancy.seriously..she looks so damn gorgeous!n her flawless face..nampak sangat she's happy with her life kan?? n same goes to our Posh Spice, Mrs.Beckham..with her baby girl bump while wearing a halter neck red maxi dress,sunglasses n her flip flops..pergh!tak ke cantek gitewww??

wish i had mine too..n wondering..do i look that 'sexy' macam derang mase saye preggy-preggy nanti??[haha] rase cam burok jek weh!!aduhh..i can't imagine myself in a maternity dress.harusla macam Fiona si wifey Shrek iteww..gossh!! HELL NO..~ok..saye tanak imagine lagi.if not..mesti saye takot nak pregnant bile dah kawen nanti [haha..sengal!] tapi saye pasti korang..n my beloved friends are sexy bile derang preggy..

See.Toldcha!!she looks stunning kan?aduhh..envy her so bad =|

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bonus = Savings = Blog Design

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kejap jek da hari ke-15 kite b'puase.tak sangke kejap jek mase b'lalu.seda-seda dah masok hari ke-15..in 2 weeks time jek lagi kite akan beraye [weehuu!!] anyway..arini rase happy sangat.mane taknye BONUS dah masok kot [gile tak happy??] walaupon dapat RM800 jekk..but am still happy.daripade takde..[alhamdulillah].hmm..i decide not to use that money.akan ku sumbangkan ke my savings account [haha] smoge betambah-tambah cucu cicit $$$ itu supaye senang sket nak kawen taun depan.

kang ade jugak kenduri kawen ade canopy jek.then sume makan kat atas lantai [haha] i guess this year i have to sacrifice a LOT.control myself! tak bole shopping menggile or waste my money ssuke ati.tapi kan..saye rase this year memang saye agak kurang spent my money.i used to spent on fuel n beli groceries, plus belanje my family jek.ok la tu kan? walaupon kekadang terase over spent sesangat. saye kene calculate balik my monthly expenditure so that still every month saye dapat 'sedekahkan' ke saving account saye [huahuaa]

hmm..baru jek cakap nak savings kan?tapi kenape saye tetibe excited nak tuka my blog design ni.n since pagi tadik i browsed a few blogs that offers some blog designs.hmm..tak tau nak pilih yang mane satu.n hopefully if dapat tuka my blog design yang sekarang ni..at least bsemangat sket nak b'blogging kan? [cett cam poyo jek ayat] padahal..dah tau diri tu akan busy jekk.hmm..WHATEVERR!! saye still nak..[hahaha]

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ko Tak Puase..Tak Malu!!

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Asal sampai jek ofis pepagi bute ni..mesti rase ngantok ya amat! tetambah bulan puase ni [god..help me pls!] what should i do then?ok..'private room' just behind me..n should i just step into that room? [haha] gile ke hape.kalo masok bilik tu bile rase ngantok..nak landing jek mesti rase bsalah.sebab trase macam  curik tulang jek.n at the end..mak tak jadik nak tido u'olls![ahaks! baek gile haku] hmm..nak taknak..tahan jela.2 weeks jek lagik.lpasni saye dah takyah datang pukol 6.15 pagi lagi..

takde la saye kene 'racing' pepagi sebab takot masok lambat.tak pepasal ade jugak big boss yang bising [haha] heh..tetibe saye tingat kejadian pagi tadik.tak pecaye sunggoh dengan perangai orang skarang.name pon bulan PUASE kan?harusla sume umat Islam kene bpuase.tapi ade jugak yang tak 'takot'.berani derang terang-terang makan depan orang laen [wehh tak malu ke nkau huh???!] macam pagi tadi.kite baru jek lepas saho n baru jek smayang suboh.tapi ade jugak yang boleh slumber isap rokok n buang putong rokok mase tengah drive.dah sah-sah la nkau tak puase kan??! [binawe punye mamat]

saye saje jek over take kete tu sebab nak tau 'sape'. skali pandang..muke Melayu seh!n obviously he's a Muslim.tau plak nak cover-cover kan?dah sah-sah die 'segan'.eii..come on la!kenape la nak bpuase pon sangat susah untuk orang Islam yang macam kite ni.bukannye tetiap hari kite kene puase.seriyes sangat pelik ngan lelaki skarang.well..bukan la saye nak cakap sume laki tak puase.tapi  sume yang saye nampak..sume nye lelaki.last week pon ade yang 'tkantoi'. i was driving home..n mase kat traffic light saje la saye tpandang kete blakang.skali saye tkejut tengok 'mamat' tu tengah cungkil-cungkil gigi die [damn!ko memang tak puase!!] nampak sangat die baru jek lepas makan. tolongla..time tuh kite ade lagik sejam kot nak b'buke. ko period ke?? tetibe bbuke awal?? tak malu!!!

i was so upset n dissapointed..u just imagine kalo bangse laen yang 'tengok'..what would they say? malu laa..[huu] saye pasti orang-orang ini mesti takde kesedaran pasal agame.maybe derang anggap puase..n all these are craps! tapi ingatla korang..bile kite mati nanti..baru kite nampak semue nye..[wallahuallam..]

Saturday, August 13, 2011

.UseLess. i Don't Even Know How To Change a Tyre!!

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Salam everyone!!
i should drop by 'here' few days ago.haha..i had experienced 'this' on last Thursday.anyway..tula..orang dah pesan..blajo tuka tyre kete.tapi saye degil!! [ahaks] bile dah jadik..barula nak gelabah.seriyes saye tak penah t'pk pon that i'll experienced those situation.and the best part is..'we' actually stranded near the palm plantation.gosshh!! knape la time-time tu plak die nak pancit kan.hmm..sepbaek la bukan saye sorang time tu [Mimi..ko kene pam tyre ko slalu weh] kalo tak..saye pasti saye akan nanges! gile tak cuak kitorang time tu.tengah-tengah sonok bergosip..n baru jek lpas dari 'BLACK AREA', ttibe bunyik sswatu..~kelua jek darik kete...MAK DAH AGAK DAH!!!! [hahaha

what should we do then?? both of us NEVER+doesn't know at all on how to change the tyre.obviously..we need help!!!saye tau nak gune 'jack' jek..yang laen saye tak tau.funny thing is..we both try stop those car that passed by 'us'..but there's NO one would rather to stop and help us! [celake btol] knape eh?? kitorang tak cukop sexy ke tsadai kat tepi jalan tu?? tapi yang kitorang tersangat pelik nye..why those car at the opposite side jek yang benti and willing to help us?? siap ade yang dah passed by us sanggop pusing balik. [Thanks a lot to that 'adik' Poly Kulim] sorryla dik..akak tlupe nak tanye name kamu ape.haha..kesian adik itu..die punye la pulun tolong kitorang pasang spare tyre..skali spare tyre tu plak takde angin. APE CITE??..

seriyes saye nak tgelak time tu!adoiii Cik Mimi..knapela kamu tak isi angin spare tyre iteww..[hahaha] adik oo adik..takpela..kamu balik jela..n thanks sebab tolong akak -akak ini ye..kesian kamuu . i had no choice then.kat kpale ni just tingat my close buddy yg still kat office [abg pijiii!!] agak malu jugak nak mintak tolong die..tp dah desperate punye pasal..mak redah jek! bile pk balik..agak jaoh jugak die nak dtg tolong kitorang ni..then harusla die kene tolong pegi pam spare tyre tu n patah balik ke kitorang [haiiyoo]

punye la bharap at the same time die dapat jumpe kitorang.as i told u before..kan kitorang 'stranded' kat cerok mane ntah.yang pasti banyak gile klape sawit keliling.haha..scary doww! smentare tunggu derang..harusla saye sebok mengire kereta-kereta yang benti nak tolong kitorang [baek btol orang-orang itew sebenarnye] abang-abang+pacik lori..pacik moto..mamat hensem.. baek sunggoh kamu! saye sangat tharu! kalo ade yang tak benti pon..saye tau n paham kamu sume rushing nak balik  'berbuke' kat umah [haha.positive btol saye ni] at the end..bjaye jugak 'Chef' and Abg Lan datang n tolong kitorang [thanks to them!] saye pasti kalo takde derang..both of us will be in trouble...[sayang kamu-kamu Abang!!]

ok..saye janji lepas ni saye akan blaja tuka tyre so that if the same thing happened again..takdela saye rase sgt USELESS.hahaha..
Nahh..harusla pic ni saye beso kan!just to show how  YAYATT BAEK sangat my buddies helping us.sampai camtu skali ha..[haha..Abang Lan,kamu memang sangat klaka la]

Monday, August 08, 2011

My Lazy Day!!!

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Assalamualaikum everyone!!
hari ni taktau knape saye ttibe jadik sucha Lazy-bumm..all the way from Penang pagi tadi..mate dah rase macam juling jek.memang rase tersangat ngantok.tapi kesian kat my 'driver'..so i tried to entertained her with some hot gossips [haha] sampai jek ofis..trus attack bilik fail yang kat sebelah tempat saye.perghh bile dapat tido skejap tadik..badan dah rase fresh [hee].. i guess maybe saye ttibe jadik camni sebab my niece will going back to KL kot. huu..will be missing her so much! sangat tak pcaye that she'd grown up. she's so cute..dengan pelat nye..[eeee..geram macam nak tubit-tubit jek!] haha..~takpe..raye nanti she'll be here.so maybe saye kene tahan sket dari rindu die lebeh-lebeh.ahaks!

anyway..i plan to apply and submit my raya leaves today.tapi rase cam gerun jek nak jumpe my KJ (Ketua Jabatan).haha..bile pk balik..nak taknak pon i HAVE TO.cos before proceed to our Pengarah..harusla kitorang kene redah jumpe our KJ first.if not..our leave won't be approve [adoiiyaii] perlu ke saye anta arini? macam awal sangat la plak nak anta.hmm..i guess i have to wait for another few days.bile dah tengah-tengah bulan sket..takdela nampak sangat awal anta leave kan? [haha] adoii risau kalo cuti tak di approve.who cares anyway! it was my right pon kan.lagipon dah almost 7 months saye tak mintak cuti.MC apetah lagi [perghh..] and since my mom will be here..saye akan berusaha untuk cuti lebeh sket ..[yippiee!!]

My little niece loves to sing!haha..seriously she'd grown up.goshh love n miss her so much

Saturday, August 06, 2011

=> Scarecrow's Behavior..

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Good day everyone!
Alhamdulillah..baru jek lepas saho n solat subuh.dunno why..tetibe jek trase nak drop by 'here' and checking a few blogs that i used to follow [hehe] anyway..i knew that i'd been missed a few entries.actually..currently i was so damn busy with my working life [duhh..] dunno when it will ends.aduhh tak sangke di bulan puase ni pon saye akan busy macam bulan-bulan yang sebelum ni. fed-up jek rase! PENAT vs Scarecrows..~haha..baru jek malam tadi saye tengok this horror movie..Messenger 2:Scarecrows..~saye memang sangat tak suke with those horror movies.lagi-lagi kalo cite tu yang ade bunoh-bunoh or makan-makan orang.gosshh!!bole muntah kot.tapi taktaula..bole plak saye ngadap that movie ssorang malam tadi.maybe sebab saye sangat interested with that horror-evilish scarecrow yang hodoh kot!and suddenly it reminds me of that thingy with this entry..Scarecrow = Evil! hehe..

to relate 'this' with my working life..obviously la kan kalo kite penat b'keje we will tend to consider about our surrounding jugak.cos sometimes our exhausted feelings ade jugak disebabkan oleh orang-orang around us!penat dengan keje..penat dengan 'SCARECROWS' a.k.a orang-orang yang saye rase sangat uncomfortable to be with [aduhh..memang dugaan betol puase ni] i just don't know why those people had these mentalities of being so evil with the other people.patotnye bulan puase ni..we have to control our behavior blabla..tapi kenape there's a few yang perangai tahpape.i don't want to mention in detail about those.but can u stop being so pessimistic n annoying around people?? and can u stop talking craps n watch out your mouth?? cos obviously..it smell 'STINKS' [haha] tak tau la orang-orang ni pk pahale derang akan btambah kot kalo prangai macam sett n mulot macam choiii..[ya Allah..tolong la seda-seda kan orang-orang ini] supposedly..bulan yang penoh rahmat n mulia ni..derang pk la untuk buat 'kebaikan'..tapi ni tak..

saba jela bile tengok orang-orang macam ni.smoge dalam bulan puase ni saye akan tetap n terus b'saba dengan kerenah-kerenah scarecrows 'iteww'..harap-harap tahap kesabaran saye akan tetap 'menten' n takkan threatened my 'puase' dengan perasaan saket ati..menyampah..marah..or rase nak nyumpah seranah kat scarecrows..buang mase jek kan kalo ade 'perasaan-perasaan' yg macam tu..especially untuk orang-orang yg macam iteww... [astaghfirullahalazimm..~]

ok then..malas nak disgorged my feelings lebih-lebih..[haha] guess that i'm going to have or maybe a good word to describe it is..'continued' my sleep..haha..see ya then..
love you guyss!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

1st Ramadhan..ALHAMDULILLAH~

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thats the first word that crossed my mind now.tak sangke skejap jek mase b'lalu..seda-seda dah masok bulan Ramadhan [alhamdulillah]..n Alhamdulillah jugak,saye still b'kesempatan untuk 'rase' and face this prosperous month [alhamdulillah..] Alhamdulillah jugak Allah bagi saye peluang untuk b'puase dengan my beloved family especially my little sis, Mimin n my babah which is saye sangat happy bile bangun saho tadi and realized that i have to cooked for 4 of us.kalo tak..before this memang jarang bangun saho makan mende yang heavy.slalu minom air jek.but this time..yayyy!!i'm closed to my family..[alhamdulillah..]

Alhamdulillah jugak sebab this time puase..saye ade dekat my lovely hometown with a new job [which i bet for the sake of my future] but at the same time..i had this small feeling of missing my old friends yang kat Nilai.last year..my 1st ramadhan obviously dekat Nilai.with my friends n students around.the best part is..everytime nak berbuka jek..me,my housemate a.k.a closefriend Rina..and my beloved students will prepare n cook for the 'berbuka' treats.sangat best! time tu memang riuh n havoc la rumah tu.my non-muslim students pon join.n sometimes kalo trase pemurah on that day..kitorang akan anta sket makanan kat neighbour depan..n our fellow friends yang stayed around..

goshh..best nye kenangan tuh..and i missed THEM so bad.alhamdulillah sebab Allah bagi saye peluang untuk merase the best moments in my life..thank you!!!and if my old friends..Rina..Sis Wan..Liza..Su..Aida do read this..cube korang flash back balik time puase dulu..hehe..best kan??[haha] and besides..Alhamdulillah my relationship with my Apek still goes on until now.walaupon tak sangke our relationship dah almost 4years..with the ups n downs..we managed to be together until TODAY [alhamdulillah..]

Alhamdulillah jugak..my mommy..my babah and my grandpa, Wan still sehat until today.alhamdulillah sebab Allah bagi orang-orang yang saye TERsangat sayang [my family..my friends..my soulmate] sehat dengan kesihatan yang baek [alhamdullillah] and saye harap sesangat sampai bebile pon derang akan sentiase sehat and Allah akan protect derang wherever/whenever they are [Aminn!!] anyway..whatever it is.. i'm happy with my life now.can't wait to face the future!!