Saturday, November 22, 2008

" HOME sweet HOME "

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Okay..i'm in Penang now[yahoo!] feelin SO DAMN good!i miss my cozy bedroom,the smell..lepak kat living room with my Z610i+Mars choco-bar[sambil melalak ssorg!..whoo..juz found out ade 1 new karaoke dvd]..playin PS2 with my lil.sis[hukk.asik kalah jek] blabla..afterall..i felt so alive when i'm at home..

Owh..HOME SWEET HOME..~tonight,trase plak macam nak jek gi makan seafood kat our[323!!]urghh..nyummy..~da tbayang ketams+udangs die yg besau-besau..the juice itself[apple+asam boi]..the breezy seaside[urghh..suke the smell]..blabla..~uhh..i'm starving rite now.need to grab something to eat i guess[hahaha]

erkk..found out Hunn just woke up around5pm[wat the..]hehh~well..i guess he had his own better reason.kesian die tpakse teman while i was on the train for almost 8hours![erk..bangun jek trus rase kaki cramp]ok..i started to craving on something now!i'm goin to grab some potato chips then..sambong later..~

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Friday, November 21, 2008

☼ Brave Nu'Girl ☼

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Eheh..i'm back with some short stories..:wink:lately,i've been very busy,doin who-knows-what stuffs[haha] obviously,i'd been surrounded with a TONS of works.nak kene setle pasal kitchen class on the scheme of works..preparin for my first class lessons blabla [aduhh..~penins!]but what i felt now is..saye TERsgtla tak saba utk pulang ke kg halaman[haha]Penang..i'm comin!!!

Okay..actually,malas nk cite about my first kitchen class for this semester.everything's ok..until si Alex[owhh..knapela i started to hate 'this' chinese guy] tuh suddenly call..ngan suare kerek nak mampos,he asked me..'Jiyna,u did your class yesterday?why u didn't email me the list of ingredients??..i'd been waiting for your email blabla'..[huhh!] KEPALA HOTAK HANG!!!:geram: ape lagik..trus la 'ZAzzz' si cine tuh!ape..die ingat org lepak office the whole day??belom sempat bontot nak panas,duduk..dah tpakse rushing gi Giant+kitchen.manela nak sempat explore emails.hamek kau!!t'sentap bile kene balik[huhu]SGT geram ok??lenkali,jgn sesuke ati main ckp jek.kot ye pon..ckpla elok-elok.kan da t'sentap ngan AKU?![ahaks] saye suke!!!sebab telah bjaye membalas kate-kate 'cine' itu.PADAN MUKE NKAO!![dgn nade puas ati]ehe..

Yg kelaka nye..d next day tuh..die bole plak bwat muke tak malu die tego-tego org.ade nak layan??[ngomongs sama tangan!]eheh..~yayy!!saye telah bjaye melawan boss saye sendirik[go jiyna!!]:mwahh:

:bontot: <-- khas untuk 'cine' tersebut.[hehe]
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Monday, November 17, 2008

♣ Missing Them SO Much ♣

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Erkk..those pics..was my family!i miss them so much!!!btw,nak letak gambo my gramps+arwah tok..tapi takde:(

my younger sis!!rindu die la jgak:P

my mommy n daddy:love:

my lolong yang dah pon boyot skarang[mak buyong!]haha:D

my little coro!! HER![e'eh..die da grad]:mwahh:

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♥ Happy Day Yippie-Yayy ♥

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Owh ok..~dunno why..tapi arini MEMANG rase sgt sronok!![hehe] me mom juz called me..n..we did talked almost for an hour[sepbaek mama yg call]ahaks!we did talked a LOADS of things..about me sis..whoaa!!at last,dapat jgak rase baby tuh tendang yeh?[n hopefully,pasni die akan tendang dgn lebeh kuat lagik]ahaks!!padan muke..~but i do realized..since my sis gettin pregnant..there's a few changes kat my parent.they seem VERY happy.sgt suke bile tgk mama+babah happy cnggitu[i lyke!]:mwahh:n my sis too.well..harusla die happy kn.esp bile die tgh pregnant skarang.hmm..seda tak seda..all of us da grown up!da tak bole nak manje-manje+ngade-ngade cam dedulu lagi[tak bes nye!]tapi who CARES??we still slept with our parents[haha.seriously]tak caye??hehe..WE DID ok??esp bile mama balik M'sia..everyday akan tido ngan mama+babah.kekadang tuh..ade jgak t' klaka jek[hehe]siap bole remind my mom lagik tuh..jgn kunci pintu sebab kang nak masok tido skalik:haha:[my parents kekadang tido i NEED to remind them ok?]hee..klaka jek rase kalo pk balik..n i do hope that..bile org da kawen nanti..stil i wanna do the same thing like i did NOW[hehe.bole tak?] hubby pon join la skalik.mesti best jek kan??[hmm..]

btw..tadi terSGTla takot nak mintak permission kat mama about going back to Sabah with Hunn[serious takot!tgn sejuk jek rase]memang da tekad..nak mintak permission my mom etc dulu before decide.i told her everything..n mama said..'YES'..uuhh..SGTla suke!![love u mom!]one thing that i RILI loves about her is that..she's rili understanding[yeahh..she is!]n she remind me to behaves myself..[i will,mom]:yes:she do thinks that both of us are really serious about 'this'.i mean..our relationship..~n we did have our own plan.INSYAALLAH..kalo ade year we'll get engage+married[eheh]da b'sedie ke saye nih??hmm..adoii..i'll try[ahaks]

Hee..tak saba nak bagitau Hunn that mama da agreed[bet he must be happy with the news]okay..done with that Sabah-thingy..i called me dad just now..telling him that i wanted to go back to Penang this weekend[die SGT happy ok??]then..i was thinking to bring Mimin together with me[yela..skang kan tgh skool break]lagipon..kesian kat si kenit tuh nanti.i told Mimin about the plan..n die TERsgtla happy:Dsuke jek die bile dapat tau org nak bawak die balik KL[ahaks] siap tanye lagik tuh balik naek ape.well..da tau sgt,she memang nak naek train pon.n thats why i won't bring my car..[lagipon,drive balik sesorg.tanakla!]so..lepas keje kang..akan ku b'gegas ke Kajang/Seremban to get the train tickets.hopefully ade la..lalalala~i'm SO happy
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Friday, November 14, 2008

� Love Stinks �

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Arini sbnarnye..saye TERsgtla sedeh[huu]things that happened mlm tadik btol-btol bwat saye SEDEH n realize yg slame ni..saye tak mampu bwat org kat skeliling saye hepy.esp my love ones
:nanges:sometimes,saye t'pk jgak..why this thing ALWAYS happen?what does it means actly??[tell me!]mlm tadik..mmg tak dpt kawal prasaan lgsg ok?[ohh..saye t'lalu emotional!]have you ever faced this kind of thing..bile korg SGT sedeh..korg akan ckp ssuatu yg korg sndrik tak pnah t'pk nak ckp??well..I DID!n how STOOPID i am[sengals!!]seriously..i NEED someone rite now[ade ssape ke yg nk offer kan dirik?]well..people often expect SO much in love.but when suddenly we can't make it..we become paranoid.YES..i am PARANOID!![cam bodo jek rase]bcos i'm afraid to lose evrythin that i've owned[takmao!!!]:pening:n i knew it was my fault jgak.sebab tak penah nak phm 'org' t'sebut.well people..we SHOULD trust our partner..shared your feelins blabla..[adoii..penin pk psl ni]

What is L.O.V.E?it is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind[ssh nk define each of the acronym]what we realized kan..centuries have passed by..relationships have bloomed n so has love.tapi takde sorg pon yg bole bagi the proper definition of love. To some..'Love is friendship, set on fire for others'..Maybe love is like luck.which we have to go all the way to find it. No matter how we define it/feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind[btol tak??]

But actly kan..i do realize that i did a mistake thru this:(i should did something that would make both of us compatible to each other.tapi saye tak bwat pon[hukk]yahh..ok..obviously,we did talk to each other n portray that we love each other.tapi,practically..we do not end up into any relationship[it was a relationship actly,but emotionally..mcm TAK jek]'compatibility'..the key is to think about the long term successful relationship,bkn a short journey[so saye rase both of us actly did the mistake]both of us need to understand each other n kene ingat that no body is perfect![hunn..saye tak perfect ok??]those are all the mistake yg kitorg sndrik tak realized:nanges:we did talk about this malam tadi.n ALHAMDULILLAH..we fix it!!kite jgn t'lalu emotional kalo tgh depressed etc..if not,things will get MORE worst than we've ever think.tapi..saye jadik cam a bit takot[dats why saye kate saye paranoid]..takot the same thing will happen AGAIN[uhukk..tanak lagi!!cukoplaa]ok-ok..saye tanak lagik had those -ve thinkin.tanak jadik lg terok.sebab..SAYE SAYANG DIE ok??

ape yg saye pk skarang..i wanna changed!saye nak be together..share my joy+sorrow..understand each other.n yg penting..providin space to each other.eventho name pon SPACE kn,i'll make sure that i will always be there for each others need.with all this kan..surely our love will blossom to strengthen our relationship with those matter of affection[kan u olls?] :malu:papepon..syukur sebab sume nye da ok skarang which..saye SGTla hepy skarang.sayang org TERSEBUT:love:lalala..~


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Thursday, November 13, 2008

[ Good Eyeshadow Colour Selection ]

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Eyeshadow colour plak?[ahaks]:DWhoaa..saye da mcm seorg jurumekap amatur plaks.Bknnye reti sgt pon..sijil/dip pon takde.haha.Takpela..kate Sharing is Caring[wekk]..sepbaek saye BKN seorg yg kedekut ilmu ok??hehe.Ok..actly kan..the choice of eyeshadow sbnarnye bole enhance the colour of our iris.tak kesahla samade nak soften/intensify our regard with sheer matte ataupon rich shimmery textures.tapi kalo saye..lagik prefer transform the shape of my eyes with shading and highlighting[cam cun jek rase].But it depends la.Thats why kite kene pandai pilih the colour.

D sebabkan Aleysha nak pegi dinner..i suggest she SHOULD experimenting with various shades in bold colours.makne nye,she can used the collection of eyeshadows in different shades n textures to match her outfit, regardless of her iris colour.barula match the makeup n the outfit.takdela tak Alesyha?? :P

So,ape yg she kene bwat is that she need to choose the eyeshadow colour tuk a sophisticated bright eyed-look ok??bukan summer-party makeup/a festive youthful look.lagipon..kenela kene ngan umo jgak[umo pon da 25,takkan nak cm bbudak]haha.So..utk that bright eyed-look makeup,she kene note the colour of her accessory/secondary colour of her attire.then baru choose the three eyeshadows of the same hue in differing brightness.contohnye la kan..she may use neutral green as a base colour; very light green as a highlight colour; and dark forest-green as a contour colour[sebab she ckp her dress was GREEN]
Then..utk finishing..she need to put on some coloured shimmer added to the eyeshadow sebab it gives very rich, iridescent appearance that will makes her eyes look irresistibly sparkly n sexy. Fine glitter cun jgak sbnarnye sebab it will makes eyes look shinier.[hehe] tapi..if you wear contact lenses,d sarankan agar avoid those glittery eyeshadow sebab the particles can end up inside your eyes.kang tak pepasal bute plak :mati:tapi..another glittery makeup macam eye pencil may be safer utk d pakai..[eheh]

Ok..tu jekk..penat da saye menaip.Nak balik ok??pape pon..SLAMAT MENCUBE

x O x O

{ Eyeshadow Application Tips}

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Hola..~well,tadik ttibe one of my fren Aleysha suddenly gimme a msg[bkn nak call.kedekuts!] n ask me about some makeup tips[klaka kn?]apparently,i used to LOVES makeup a LOADS!!walaupon takde la terer sgt kn.ahaks..ok..back to my fren Aleysha.she's goin to a Galla Dinner tonite..n she wanted to have a good look especially her eyes.Hmm..cane eh nk bwat her eyes look stunning?[eheh]..papepon,Aleysha..this is some tips for u[yg lelaen kalo rase nk tau bole jek] otei??:mwahh:

Alright,actly..eyeshadow ni byk benefits die.esp to our looks.applying eyeshadow in different colours and textures sbnarnye bole intensify or soften regard kite..create a certain mood n even improve our eye shape, depends rupe cane yg kite nk ok u olls?[hehe]

To obtain the best results, bkn jek those eyeshadow colour kene consider,tapi the way to apply it in a most flattering way pon penting ok??[penting nih.salin cepat]ahaks.Ok..afterall..Aleysha is actually going to a dinner.then,her eyeshadow selection pon kene consider the situation jgaks.So..i pick sophisticated evening eye makeup[yeah!!]:belet:

Aleysha,u can used up to four colours of eyeshadow ok??
  1. Apply base colour on the upper eyelid. don’t bring it close to the nose or all the way up to the eyebrows sbb nanti u akan nampak mcm BADUTS ok?[hahaha]
  2. Letak contour colour along your lashes and in the crease. pastu tambah more colour to the outside corner of your eyes,connecting together the lines along the lashes and in the crease ye syg?[hehe]
  3. Gune highlight colour in the area under the brow and in the inside corner of your eye.
  4. then,accent colour is applied on the mobile lid right above your stunning skets mcm gambo kat atas tuh.:wink:
Well..d sebabkan mate u besau kan Aleysha[haha.jgn mrh]u bole bwat your eyes jadik kecik, a smaller ones need some workok dear?Draw your shading line in the crease, close to the inner corner,tapi jgnla try to make your eyes appear closer by applying the dark eyeshadow dekat ngan your nose.Pelik plak nampak kang.Apply eyeshadow within the border defined by the eye shape,and don’t u ever whiten your inner corners ok yayang?[Hehe]So..the best result will achieved!Ok..Slamat Mencube ye wahai Aleysha..[eheh]Glemer la u malam ni.Haha:cameraman:

x O x O

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

☼ New Lecturer ☼

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New lecturer will be coming next week?whoaa!!:breakdance:Pingu yg mnari² ni da sah² mnunjukkan yg saye rase hepy[hepy ke?]haha.hepy sebab all the works burden akan b'kurangan if this new lecturer masok.suke²!!Hmm.. haruskah d raging lecturer baru ituh??[haha] well..sume lecturer² yg tsedia ade d sini smemangnye terSGTla KEJAM ok?[haha]..Hmm..kalo dulu,mase 1st masok keje da kene raging+orientation dgn makhlok-makhlok yg saye da mule TAK SUKE:geram:[hehe]..n this time..let d new lecturer kene plaks.Owh..ini bukan REVENGE ok?:wink:biasela,name pon orientation..juz nak merapatkan ukhwah laa[motif?]ahaks..btw,nampaknye..takyah lg la ngadap dinding cm ddolu.SUKE!


:pijak pale:

x O x O

╚ The Value of a SMILE ╝

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»Well..saye SGT suke those thoughts about SMILE..sebab,saye suke senyum[kekadang jek sbnarnye].Tapi..kekadang saye suke jgak senyum tak tentu pasal.Cemane tuh?:haha: is that a sign yang saye ni bakal jadik tak betol??hehe.but one thing for sure..harusla senyum.sebab kalo tak senyum..muke akan nampak tersgtla BUROK ok?[wlpn hakikatnye da smemangnye burok]:D

The value of a smile is priceless, yet it is the cheapest, easiest, most rewarding and most sincere gift to anyone that crosses your path. A smile makes a person's day, anybody's day even a stranger's day. A smile is infectious. Start infecting people with your smile today.

A smile is nature's best antidote for discouragement. It brings rest to the weary, sunshine to those who are sad, and hope to those who are hopeless and defeated.

A smile is so valuable that it can't be bought, begged, borrowed, or taken away against your will. You have to be willing to give a smile away before it can do anyone else any good.

So if someone is too tired or grumpy to flash you a smile, let him have one of yours anyway. Nobody needs a smile as much as the person who has none to give.

x O x O

[ Same old Thing ]

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Arini..mende yg same rase.Bencikk teramat bile t'pakse suffer with 'this' pain[huhu]Pagi tadi memang overslept.sepbaekla Hunn ttibe anta msg[tenkiu²] kalo tak..memang alamatnye merah la punch card saye[ahaks]Masok jek ofis..terus blur :pandacloud_13:..taktau nak bwat keje ape.bukan takde keje..ade tula..keje yg spatotnye kene bwat tuh SGTla TAK BEST ok???so..d sebabkan tak best..HARUSla kite bwat keje laen dulu[ahaks]

btw..thanks to Munnie sbb telah mngaja saye care utk m'upload emoticon² yg sgt chomel d atas itew[haha]obviously,my prev entries takdela emoticon² itu.tapi..jgn risau,saye akan mgunekan emoticon t'sebut utk my latest entries:pandacloud_07:

Owhh..nampaknye Hunn da smakin 'excited' with his bengkel-stuffs.Beria>² jek die b'crite pasal bengkel tuh[how excited!!!]ahaks..well..nampaknye,pasni senangla saye[yeyeh]SGT SUKE!!
cepat² la abeskan bengkel tuh ye yang??tak sabo da nih :pompom:

x O x O

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[ Miss My Lil.Coro ]

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Yayy!!Hati ini SGT suke sbb Babah br jek call saye tadik[huhu] owh..sgt rindu kat me dad..n also me sistas!!Nak balikkk!!!by the way..i'd juz been told that my lil.coro had been selected!Bestnye..die sudah jadik 'state player'..[young golfer ok??]Sangat bangge wit my lil.sis..
never thought she would end up n follow juz like her sistas[eheheh]..GO MIMIN!!!Ngangah will always support u..[sayang bangat kat die]..Owh..i started to miss her..[huu]
balik kang..nak call Mimin...

x O x O