Wednesday, September 09, 2009

^ Funny Face ^

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haha..this is a new song from it!!those come-back songs are obviously cool!!this 'funny face' kinda cheeky but yet still hope that my love one will sing me this song.. =)

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[ Holiday+Happy Mode ]

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i'd been counting on the week balik penang [yahoo!]..wanted to bake some cookies..meeting ol'friends..kemas rumah..[fuhh] saye sangat excited skarang.excited sbb nak raye..excited sbb nak balik hometown..excited sbb nak spend time ngan families..excited sbb nak cuti lame..[YAHOO!!]..

well..arini saye mmg b'habisan struggle bwat blk MQA yg saye da bwat sume sbb my trigger laptop..[uhuk]..but its ok..saye da bjaye bwat balik another 5 subjects..go jiyna!!
ok..currently saye sangat busy call my friends tuk re-confirm back my order..well..biskut raye la..ape lagik kan..[hehe] next mission shop and grab my GUESS handbag!![yiihaa]

thanks to B sbb support half of the price [yahoo] so happy now..~
hopefully after sale skrg..takde la exceed sampai rm300..sbb takot tlebeh budget..


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