Friday, June 25, 2010

JUNE yg sangat PathetiC!

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Phew!! lately saye sunggoh busy sampai tak sempat langsong to drop by here with some new entries..goshh!! banyak sangat mende yg best..n tak best jadik on this whole month.huu..sangat tak best ok?? well..i failed the interview.which is SUCKss! dunno why..but guess my GSTT friends sume dapat.owhh..sunggoh tidak aci ok! cos i thought the interview goes well n smooth jek.huu..takpela..maybe bukan rezeki saye..
:girl_10:takpela..saye terime jek.n lagipon saye takdela bharap pon.its just that..saye nak make my soulmate proud of me.tu jekk..~but..pity me..huu..and utk encek Daniel..'if awak tbace this entry..saye nak mintak maaf bebanyak sebab tak dapat bwat awak happy with the result.n the worst part is..saye tak dapat fulfill one of ur sorry'
huu..sedehh..kesian Encek Daniel..


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