Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A Barbie Doll Makeup ..

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Great day everyone!!

it's been a very long hush after a few days without an entry for those following days,kan korang? anyway..saye agak a little bit busy since dah start keje after raya.hmm..banyak plak keje yang kene update and to be the moment saye tengah struggle to compile all of the documentation for our Alumni society.anyhow..nak taknak this month i have to register it so that on this coming December..our college dah pon ade Persatuan Alumni. baru saye tau btape susah nye nak prepare all of the documentation in order to make sure that those documentation tak kene reject dengan ROS [registrar of society]..doakan supaye saye bjaye siapkan sume tu by this month [Aminn!]

well..other than that..i just wanna share my thoughts on what i inspired recently.saye taktau knape saye sangat adore with the barbie doll makeup.since raya aritu..saye keep on watching those tutorials on 'it' and do some so-called research about the makeup.entah..saye rase cam comel jek makeup camtu.teringin nak try.but i bet i will definitely look FUGLY with the makeups on [hahaha] bet i am..~ tapi saye tengok..those vloggers yang bwat the tutorials look so fabs with the makeups.cantek gile kot! and i used to follow this one of the youtubers -Promise Phan a.k.a Dope 2111.pandai gile die makeup!and she's absolutely pretty even without a makeup.she was so seductive with the makeup everytime she'd transformed herself into a beautiful chicks [gosshh..i envy her] jeles seh tengok orang cantek-cantek ni [huhu]

i fine day i'll try the makeup looks and observe whether it suits me or not [haha] saye tau saye akan nampak sangat burok.pape pon..hoping that one fine day saye akan cube one of the tutorials yang saye dah tengok+that inspired me that much.i believe that the barbie doll inspired make-up is a very sensual+feminine make-up+a make-up which is visible and cute.. just look at the colors used to create the make-up.basically those are soft,warm,bright colors,shimmery or matte.anyway..sume tuh actly depending on each persons are some tips untuk u'olls sume.. 

you can go for a softer look by limiting the amount of make-up used or you can go bolder by increasing the amount of make-up used during application..[ha..decide la] hehe..but as we knew..tthe most common colors used in creating a barbie doll  are obviously baby pink..raspberry [ i know it doesn't look like the color kan?haha]..greens..blues..lavender and some other soft colors.ade ke yang ttibe nak barbie yang ala-ala gothic giteww?? [haha] what else should i is better to use pastel..warm colors because the barbie-look has constantly been seen with expresses warmth.. fun and good taste.baru la nampak the real barbie kan??

damn pretty!serious saye sangat jeles..
<---  TADAaa!!

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