Tuesday, August 17, 2010

+ I'm a mommy now +

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Just got back from picking up my 2 little babies at Sepang.Gosh..finally..n again..i'm a mommy now..~Both were so damn cute!n i was so happy..~
Thanks to Syah for being so nice+giving me ur best service..~he was a very nice+friendly guy..greeting me+entertained me eventhough only for a few hours..
Seriously..am having a difficulties of choosing the best ones.sume sangat la petite n chomel..~Owh baby lionhead..saye mintak maaf kerane tak jadi adopt kamu..sebabnye,i picked si mix teddy bear+lionhead yg petit..n si mix angora+lop ear yg tomeii..

Tak saba nk tunggu kamu b'dua besa..hehe~yeahh!! lepas ni si Toppo [my beloved kure-kure] akan ade adek baru..yah..kamu sume akan b'kawan..=)
hmm..bile pk balik..wahh..rumahku di Nilai akan transform jadik Pet Shop la lepas ni..yiiha!!suke..suke..and d sebabkan my 2babies itu sangat cute..saye akan bawak pulang bsame saye ke KL..[nak tunjuk kat Nanan] ..pasti die teramat suke!! owhh tidakk..babies ku da same chomel dgn my niece.hehe..

Will upload some pics of my 2 petit babies sooner..~
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

90's all time-Fave-Song

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Ace of Base..this song used to be my fave-all time-song when i was 11 =)

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In The Mood of 90's

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Dunno why..suddenly I just felt like.. listening to my fave pop 90's songs..hmm..i was so excited when it comes to my childhood memories.saye sangat suke! me n my sibs are the one yg sangat FANATIC with music.yes..we really are! sampaikan kitorang sanggup beli those cassettes..videos..posters..magazines [even though kecik gile pics die].. haha~
n the most hilarious thingy is..me n my younger sis used to dance..imitate our fave.boy-bands..
kitorang sendirik ade our own group..just like that spicy girls..haha~n our parents,my mom especially sangatla tak suke bile kitorang asyik memekak+everytime pegi shopping..we used to FORCED our babah to bought us the cassettes/videos yg kitorang nak..my mom?? hmm..sorry to say..we were actually afraid to ask her to buy those thingy..cos she'll screamed out loud to us..n get mad like a lioness dkat kitorang.. HAHA..~

TAKE 5..
HANSON [my lolong used to adored this sibs-group so much!!]
lots more to be mentioned..
owh..not to forget..our pop-local-group... KRU =)

yes..kitorang sangat gile with the 90's music dulu..tak caye..cube la test us with those 90's songs..haha~
guess what..i used to have this big scrap book on my fave.artist..i owned a music+lyrics book..having this unlimited Spice Girls body spray..

i still remembered..my mom penah took all of my fave. artists posters..magazines collection..n tried to put it in trash.naseb saye bjaye slamatkan..n get all of it by myself eventhough tpakse amik sendirik dalam tong sampah..=D funny~ we tried to paste some of the cool posters on Hanson+Bsb+The Moffatts..tapi my mom tanggalkan balik n ask us to keep it back before she throw away all of the thingy..so sad =( but one thing that i really love with my mom is that..she actually knew that we had this passion on music blabla..n even though she was strictly tak suke with it..tapi she never forced us to pulled away/stopped ourselves from keep on buying the vids etc.haha..~ if not..harusla saye+my sis balik from joining KRU dance competition @ SP n kene pukul with my mom kan?..Thank you, MAMA..for being supportive walaupon we knew that u don't even like it. =)

owh..i missed my childhood precious moments..bestnye if saye dapat turn back time..n be in the 90's..hmm..~luckily..my soulmate pon 90's music fan.n yes..die pon mcm kitorang.i was so damn lucky!! even my BFF pon bile saye tanye whether did they ever know 'these' songs..sorang pon tak tau!! so sad..saye tak dapat nak shared my 90's interest with anyone..sbb tak ramai yg mase 90's suke dgr lagu mcm kitorang.i mean..Malay songs..yes..most of them do.but english songs..none =(
Encek Daniel n saye banyak shared the same interest.n we do have in common.music..jgn cakapla..sometimes..mase outing together pon kitorang bole mnyanyi+melalak 2orang dalam kete n bborak about the previous childhood moments blabla..owhh..saye sangat suke!! n sangat suke with my Encek Daniel jugak.hehe..~
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