Wednesday, May 27, 2009

( Weekend-F.R.e.e.D.O.M )

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Last sat, saye tak gi pon keje.i want to.but suddenly i did received a msg n wanted me to do a favor.n kbetulan saye sangatla malas nk keje so,harusla ponteng! best bangats..drove my car away frm Nilai:drive: n felt d exitement as i don't have to think about those stressing-thingy [yeah!!freedom] those pics were taken few days ago..we went to LCCT n somethin surprisin happened [haha] my student Jason tak dpt balik Sabah as the boardin gate already closed.:hurryup!:ksiann..~but then he need to pay another RM250 if he wanted to catch the next flight.dahla dgn takde duet, so dgn baek ati nye saye dahulukan my money..[happy nko kan,Jason?]:pompom:haha..
well, 2hours waitin with LOTS of people mingger around blabla+did crazee things!! [haha] best2..~ Stars are blind:cool:

Foot Promoting

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Monday, May 25, 2009

\ Missing those CREATURES sangat-sangat /

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i'd juz changed few settings kat laptop baru sy:thumbsup:well..i did exchanged my laptop n currently,i have to used 'this' laptop sebabnye..laptop saye ade kt org laen skarang.haha!!tp cambest jgak laptop ni [thank gawd it was DELL]..:laptop:walaupon saye skarang tgh busy marking students final ppr..but who cares!! duhh..dr tadi lagik i started to missed those peoples yg TERSANGAT la saye sayang..uhukk..~missing em' so damn much!!

yeah.i missed this 2 greatest mom+dad a LOTS!!

Ghee..!!my grandpa..~rindu nak hug die..n kiss him especially janggot die..huu

My lil.corro..MIMIN!!rindu die ssangat..rindu nak gigit+kiss pipi this cheeky girl

huhu..bdk kenit ni pon saye sangat rindu..geram nye!!!geram nk kiss+gigit die..

uh'huh..apek yg chomot ni pon saye rindu jgak! rindu nk tampa,cubit n gigit tangan die..~

p/s : After all.. i DO missed them so much!!!uhukk..~BENCIKK!!

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[ Long Time Hush ]

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Damn..i started to missed 'this' whole bloggin da lame jek tak update this blog as i used to be SO busy out here..doing things that i don't even like it [uhuk] works seems to be pretty well lately..[gosh!cut d craps,jiyna]
:laughing:nehh..i started to love my works..yeah!!erm,da takde prasaan da pon.but still i realized that i have to enjoy my work [yeah, i do now]..erm,no time with my love ones??well,thats what supposed to happened bile kite da getting busy n busy n busy [am so sory] but i do try my very best to spend or at least 'shared' with peoples around me, even for a sec..
LOADS of things happened..with my niece [ee..rindu nye kat die!!] love beloved bro [miss u..cpatla balik] work-loads [again!!] bla blaa..~
well..eventhough things mcm a bit topsy-turvy..but still sy tetap menten..:rockon!:until now i still could hanged thru 'these'..
Thanks to those peoples around me..for being my 24/7,with those loves nye if sy takde drg..i couldn't make it [uhukk!!]

Zillion thanks+ full x O x O which i devoted to my family [especially mama+kaklong] buddies ever [u know who u r] beloved bro [thanks,abg!!] n yes!!my pink diary!!n my SONY Z610i hahaha..

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

( PD Short-Vac )

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Damn!i'd been so BUSY with all the work burdens n it's totally freakin me out!!!I need to relieve myself from those interferes..duhh..~
:drive:i went to PD for a so-called picnic!sangat best ok?since it was my 1st time ever been to PD i was kinda so excited.nehh..~haha:camera:here are some pics that i'd snapped while i was LEPAKING with Danish+Ghazz..

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