Monday, February 23, 2009

{ Last Memoirs }

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Fuhh..~its been an ages saye tak drop by here.i was SO damn bz with all the damn things!![sigh] my workin schedule da t'SGT pack as i have 3 kitchen classes evry week plus with those DIP classes.urghh..saye tak saba nk move to other new job so that saye takkan rase exhausted mcm ape yg saye rase skrg!

my Hunn plak..TERsgtla bz sampaikan die da takde mase tuk saye..~sedehh!!dlm hati ni..nak jek die cpat-cpat tuka keje or maybe transfer to a new place so that die dkat ngan saye [urghh!!!!]but honestly..all this while,saye SGT penat n penin ngan keje saye skarang.sampaikan kekdg saye sendirik takde mase tuk diri family etc.uhukk!!bole tak kalo saye nk amik a very LONG leave so that saye dpt comfort myself for awhile??[hahaha]

btw..last 2weeks saye t'SGT happy.sebabnye dapat g swimmin.:mSelam:ingatkan kat Nilai ni takde pape..but thank god ade jgak tempat yg best.n the best part is,i just realized that saye ade uncle yg tinggal kat situ jgak [Planters Heaven]..ape lagik..after swimmin jek,kitorg pegila umah my uncle tuh[hahaha].. so,our next plannin is HORSE RIDING!!!![yiihaaa]

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[ Theatre Pics ]

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This is the fairy godmother..haha..~eventho d wing was slightly small..but i think it suits her:yes:
Cinderella n her prince,saye tau d prince was like..gelap 'sket' from d princess..ehe..tapi da takde choice kan.:wink:haha
A big clap for the advisor!!!:ombak:yeah..~saye tlh bjaye conduct the theatre..nnti saye akan paste another few characters from the fairy tales yah??

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** I'm SO Happy **

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i was thinkin to post a new entry smalam.but since i was SO damn busy with my kitchen tak dptla saye nak spend mase dlm ofis+ngadap pc all the times..
:serves:yesterday SGT best sbb dapat bwat cookies+cakes[sdap bangats!]owh btw..i'd juz received a call from my HEAD gawd..adeke ssuke ati nak suruh bwat muffins for her??dahla last mins kan..mcmla saye ni takde keje laen..[harusla saye bg excuse yg saye nk work out on my MLVK-thingy kn?]:rockon!:padan muke nkao,pompuan!!tapi saye takdela kejam mcm die..harusla i need my students help..[hmm..]

btw..last weekend,we did have this theatre..well..evrythins went smoothly..but one thing for sure..bile tgk those students actin reminds me when i was a lil.kid..[hehe]..i still remember mase kecik-kecik dulu..saye SGT obsess with this fairy tales..n i guess,until now pon saye still suke[hahaha]..kalo tak..takkan la sampai skrg saye still tgk cite barbie etc kan???[hee]:D

after all..good things happen lately.n saye SGT suke!!alhamdullilah..~okay..there will be a valentine's celebration nnti.n harusla saye involve.eheh..~yesterday dpt invitation card..n that day nnti kene pakai red+black..[adehh..!i had no idea] that was the theme actly.n harusla saye slongkar sume baju dlm my wardrobe kan..[hahaha]

ERK!!!saye tnampak ssuatu mase b4 i went in to my office..:tekejut:EUWW..someone pickin up 'her' nose..adehh,agak-agakla kan nk korek idong pon.tapi yg klaka..'die' sgt kusyuk+beria skalik korek bijih timah 'die'..hahaha

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Friday, February 06, 2009

= Shine =

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suddenly i become so obsessed with this cute-lil-thingy:sheep:got this from Muniie actly[thanks Muniie for the cute-lil-sheep]well..TONS of works to do since these couple of weeks.d MLVK course had been started n saye agak BLUR sket sbbnye..prevly saye tak pnah pon handle MLVK students.with d portfolio bagai..n d students DIP students lagikk..:sheep:adehh..~lagik saye tak suke bile saye dpt my new timetable!![SIOT jek] my kitchen class da makin btambah..3days kitchen classes+theory classes tmasokla ari Sabtu..saye kene keje OK??[uhukk!] deep down inside,tak saba rase nye nak benti keje n get a new job[ehehe]

btw..i wanted to shared my HAPPIEST feelin's my 1yr+4months ANNIVERSARY:sheep:ye..saye 1yr+4months..but actly..LOADS of things did happened within this few yrs..sadness,happiness..d bads..n d goods[yeah!]tapi still am so happy sebab with all d barriers etc..alhamdulillah..we're still together until now.but then..every day 6th..saye akan alert that it was my day to be HAPPY..~[ttibe tingat 1of d sountrack from 12Dancin Princess-SHINE]:sheep:woohoo!! owh..arini was my students reherse for their theatre..hmm..ade improvement.tapi rase nye..they need to be serious,tu jekk.kalo tak,tkulat-kulat jek nk recalled d script[haha]but there's one thing yg saye rase SGT fun+klaka..t'was when my students aja their foreign-friend mnari.HAHAHAHA!!!seriously..SGT klaka ok??n BUROK..:sheep:HAHAHA..
mayb nanti saye akan curik-curik snap some pics when d reherse n harusla saye paste on my next entry kan..[eheh..jahatnye saye!!]

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