Friday, May 04, 2012

May You Rest In Peace, Allahyarham Adik Norhazatul Alyssa / Baby ..~

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Assalamualaikum world!

After a while..I just got back from visiting my neighbour with my youngest sister,Mimin.anyway,her 8years old involved in a tragic accident petang tadik.and the saddest part is that,she passed away due to internal injuries.i heard from my neighbour that her internal parts semua hancur![poor that little girl] saye sempat tengok jenazah depan mate tadik.and i didn't realized yang saye sendirik ternanges tengok jenazah.tenangnye muke die..~[walaupon i can see bruises kat mate die] her mom, Aunty Intan..she was hysterically cried and keep on saying .."BABY MOM..BABY MOM SAYANG..JANGAN PEGI "..ya Allah.Sunggoh hebat dugaan yang telah KAU berikan kepada keluarga Allahyarham adik Alyssa.tapi saye pasti..dugaan ini akan kuatkan lagi semangat family die.and yang pasti..Allah lebih sayangkan 'baby' [that's her surname.her family and friends used to call her with that name]

Aunty Intan nampak sangat lemah.terkulai.and saye tak pasti brape kali she collapsed everytime she looked at her 'baby'.Ya Allah..saye sendirik rase tak mampu nak tengok kesedehan family allahyarham..apetah lagi 'merase'.i still remembered,setiap kali kalau saye balik keje..obviously saye akan lalu kat depan rumah allahyarham.and setiap kali lalu,wajib ternampak 'budak kecik' yang comel tuh memaen kat depan rumah die.lepasni..dah pasti saye takkan nampak lagi 'baby' maen kat depan rumah die [sedehnye]

This is what happened actually..~[based on what my sis and neighbour told me]
Around 1.20pm tadik,soon after her parents fetch her from school..they went to one of the hypermarket [maybe to buy some groceries].her mom went in and she left with her dad inside the car.all of sudden she asked her dad to let her join her mom.soon after that,while she was running,crossing the road..there's one speedy van bumped her.and obviously..die sampai terpelanting jauh ok!!! [Subahanallah..] rase nye her head injured and a few bruises on her body.tapi bile bawak pegi hospital,some internal injuries detected.and she died because of that.. T_T

She was so cute!hyperactive and loving..and you guys bole tengok sendirik her own FB Baby a.k.a Alyssa..~
What a cute girl.We'll be missing you, baby..
One of the pic taken from her FB.Al-Faatihah untuk Allahyarham Norhazatul Alyssa..
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